Day 2

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Whoa! Last night was rough, but I made it through... Back up to yesterday morning. Waking up in Danville south park. I woke up hearing a leaf blower from a guy about 20ft away from me. He ran it for a minute or so probably hoping I would wake up and leave. Then he turned it off and yelled "hey!" I popped up and out of my sleeping bag. He told me I couldn't sleep in the parks. I kinda figured I might be woken up by someone kicking me out so I wasn't too suprized. Just glad it wasn't a cop. I told him sorry and I'm just passing through. He asked if I was homeless and I told him yes but by choice. ( I have many places I could live but want to live this lifestyle by choice ) he laughed at me like I was either crazy or lying and walked off. I kinda laughed at that. I got up, rolled my bag up and packed up. I put on sunscreen and brushed my teeth and took off walking. I walked from there north to downtown Danville In search of a Starbucks( my new sanction ). I couldn't find one so I stopped at a bagel shop where I wanted to take off my extra pair of socks and jacket. I packed them away for the heat of the day then I began In my journal. I was about a sentence in when a young man climbed up the deck on the railing where I was sitting, and asked if I was headed north. He had seen my sign when I walked through the parking lot and offered to take me up to concord. Him (Yoav) and his either girlfriend or friend (Andrea) drove me in their van with their dog up the freeway north. It was my first ride so I was very exited. They asked questions where I revealed my journey and plans. They were very supportive and thought it was amazing. I take motivation from their support and it means very much to me. They dropped me off at a cvs or rite aid or something and when I came around the corner there was a Starbucks right there. It worked out very well. Thanks again guys : ) I went into Starbucks to use the Internet. A man sat next to me and I helped him plug his computer chord in. He (yevheniy) and his girlfriend had coffee and used his computer together a while. When he was ready to leave I again helped him get the chord and he pointed to my sign and asked where I was going. I explained the worldinstride project and they were both very supportive. They gave me some kind words, we exchanges information, then they shook my hand and said good luck. I was happy they were so kind. Then yevheniy returned inside and said it was so nice to meet me and shook my hand again. In his hand was a donation. I told him thank you so much and it will go far. That really made me feel great and I can now see this is really something good. It was a great moment finishing a great morning. I left there feeling very motivated and know I will not let anyone down because this is where my heart is. I then left there walking north of concord. I walked for a good part of the day, so much that I created a nice blister on my right big toe and behind my right knee began to feel pain. Being out of shape doesn't help. But I'm sure those things will pass. I walked even far into the night and was having a hard time finding a good place to crash. So I just kept walking. I walked for so long I became extremely tired and finally just had to settle for a place to get some shut eye. I crawled up a freeway on ramp embankment in the dark. I tripped a couple times over roots and finally crawled behind some bushes where I couldn't be seen, made a quick bed and laid down. The problem was I was on such a steep slope that I kept sliding down into thornbushes and waking up from pokes on my legs. The freeway was about 20ft up the hill and was really loud and heavy with traffic. I slept in maybe 20 minutes increments and my whole body ached from being so uncomfortable. I remember sliding down then crawling back up probably 100 times. Took a while to fall back asleep each time with the traffic. Not to mention the big rigs would shake the entire embankment each time the passed on the freeway, which was often as 680 in a busy route for rigs. And I found out sleeping on freeway on ramps gives you the weirdest creepiest dreams of your life. So needless to say the sleeping situation of being homeless is rough. I was already expecting it and have kind of accepted it though which made it a bit easier to deal with. At least it wasn't raining or sprinklers didn't blast me and wake me up. I know it will be worse soon enough. The cool thing about it is that as alone as I feel there are many people I join in being without shelter. The thought that I am under the same sky as those in japan who are faced with the same thing eases my mind and adjusts my attitude about it if I even begin to feel sorry for myself for a second. I actually am suprized how good my attitude has stayed. I think it's peoples support that helps me to maintain a humbled state of mind. I'm a believer in miracles and I believe good things are coming from my efforts to live for the world. And I know I have matured a long ways because 5 years ago I would have been the guy screaming curse words at guys like me now, walking down the street homeless.  Or I would have thrown things at them - god forgive me for I am a changed man. I am now completely sober over 6 months now and that is important to me. I know my thoughts are not impure or diluted and as crazy as I seem this is where I want to be. I think a crazy person couldn't handle doing this. And whatever I face after I go through this will be easier to deal with. All this could not be done without the moral support of everyone and I will need that along the way. Thanks for viewing and I will check in tomorrow as long as I'm around wifi. Much love

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Dereks Mom... said...

Your far from crazy...your free! :)