Day 9

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A man woke me up in the park In Dixon, CA at about 10am. He asked if I was ok and that some people saw me and were worried. I told him thanks so much for asking and that I was fine. He said sorry to wake me but he just wanted to make sure. I thanked him. I fell back asleep. 
    I woke up again at 12 from the sun. I was still very tired so I moved back into tree shade. I didn't go back to sleep but ended up relaxing for an hour there listening to music. There was a little breeze and it carried nearby sprinkler waters mist towards me. It hit me very lightly and I was so relaxed listening to Jack Johnson. The park was pretty and green. 
     I got my things packed at about 1 and headed to some large restroom buildings in the park. I hoped there was randomly a shower inside but doubted it. There wasn't. I brushed my teeth and put on some facial moisturizer. My face is starting to dry up.
     I left to Starbucks. I was really suprized with how good my body felt. Even my thighs weren't hurting too bad and felt like they were gonna recover quickly. The only thing that sucked was the blister on my right foot. All in all I thought I should still take it easy for the day. I planned to do laundry at the laundromat and bathe somewhere in a bathroom. 
     When I got to Starbucks I got a water and bought a banana for a dollar. I was real hungry so I ate that and some trail mix. My appetite felt like it was light weight back. 
     I began to write my journal entry and relaxed there. I finished writing and also went through my emails. I also talked to my mom for a while to let her know I was ok. She worries often but is also very proud. If felt great to hear that from her. 
     I had a friend on facebook who found out I was in Dixon. He offered to have me stay at his house about 8 miles out of Dixon. I told him I could use a good shower and to do a load of laundry. He said absolutely and was very exited to have me. Honestly, knowing I was gonna get a shower made me soooo pumped. A girl noticed our conversation about me being in Dixon (a friend of his who I didn't know). She asked if she could give me a ride and that she really wanted to meet me. She said not to move and she was on her way. About 15 minutes later Kathie showed up at Starbucks and was so exited. She said she reads my journals and is so amazed with what I am doing. I told her I smelled like roadkill and if she was sure she wanted me to be in her car. She said of course! She drove me out to my friends house. My friend Jake locks is a pro motocross racer. I have traveled with him before when I went on the 2009 supercross tour around the country as a mechanic.
     He and his friends and family greeted me warmly and said make myself at home. I went straight for the shower. I can honestly say I have NEVER, NEVER, appreciated a shower that much in my life! All jokes aside that's the honest truth. I smiled the entire time. Amazing. 
    The locks made dinner and fed me a home cooked meal. We had rice, chicken, and veggies. It was the best meal of my life, again not even kidding. They had some questions about the trip and we talked a while and watched tosh.o. There was a video of someone trying the cinnamon challenge. It is where you try and eat a tablespoon of cinnamon and swallow it all without drinking. Do not try this please. It's basically impossible. Me and Jake both gave it a shot and it got ugly. I basically lost my dinner because of it. We got it all on tape and Jake will post it on my facebook wall soon if you want to see it.
     A friend of jakes was there (craven). He was younger than me. He said he reads my journal every day and that it really has been inspiring to him. He said he thinks differently about things since following it. That is awesome! The fact I can help with that makes being homeless more than worth it! Period! I told him about a story when I was walking through Danville. I had all my gear and was walking down the street. A car passed with a bunch of teenaged boys. Their music was loud and the windows were down. They leaned out of the windows and screamed f*ck you!! And flipped me off. Then one of them threw a cup at me. It really was crazy because I did that exact thing one time. I was a senior in high school and trying to impress people. Right after they passed it was like I was looking into a mirror and seeing myself through that. I just laughed and I was actually happy it happened later that night. Totally put that into perspective when I saw it from another point of view. When I did that in high school that wasn't me. I was just trying to fit in with people and for sure wasn't me.
     Craven was saying when he reads my journals each day he feels like he notices himself realizing that too. That made my night and really showed me this is real and is really helping others. I can't even begin to explain how good that feels. To inspire young people in that way is soooo cool. And I love how the stories are spreading to affect more and more people. (not sure if I used the right affect/effect)
     The night was good. I was around good people and enjoyed a bed that night. It felt good to not worry about tweakers roaming around me or being awakened by a cop. Although, sometimes that stuff is pretty entertaining to be around. A pretty chill day for the most part. It was cool because i know i am gonna run into some gnarly stuff back on the streets soon so it was a good little break. I fell asleep in an ACTUAL bed at around midnight. Ahhhhh...

            7 DAY REFLECTION

     It's been a week since this blog page has started and I want to briefly reflect on the past 7 days. Let me say thanks to all my supporters first. Without you it would for sure be less fulfilling. This journey has quickly turned into a miracle. I have traveled less than a hundred miles but already have a lifetime of difference. I will never forget this. A week ago I didn't even know what a blog was but my cousin told me to keep a journal everyday and email it to him. He said he would post it on a blog page so my family could follow my journey. And now in one week I have 11 different countries following my journals and over 2,000 hits. That might be nothing for blogs in general but to me it has been incredible. I have been getting emails off the charts from people around the world who say I'm inspiring them. Many emails have said I have helped people open they're eyes and have been a big inspiration to them to want to make a difference. I have made some amazing friends along the way. My eyes and mind continue to open along the way. I gave up my life (job, house, truck, toys ect.) to follow my heart on this journey, and it is already more than worth it. I followed what my heart told me and it is leading me to some really amazing truths. I am very eager to continue my search of more truth and am happy to share it with anyone! Donations are coming in for my plans to clean up in japan and support other areas hit by natural disasters. Thank you all for that and please send contact information along with your donations. I really would love to give back in the future to all who helped me, even if it's nothing big. You all mean so much to my life. Every email/ facebook message/ comment on here of support really makes me feel amazing. Thank you everyone and YOU are changing my life, and helping me to change other lives! Thank you for continuing to support me and spreading the word!

Facebook name: Nick Kleckner 

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