Day 10

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I woke up at my friend Jakes house being served breakfast in bed. Country potatoes, scrambled eggs, sausage links, and toast. My buddy can cook! I scarfed it down before I got out of bed.
     I got out of bed and relaxed for a while watching tv with the family. I used jakes phone to call a friend from back home (Ashley). I talked to her for a while outside on the front porch while I sat in a wooden porch swing. She wanted to come visit me on the weekend wherever I was and I was exited to see her. We made an arrangement to meet in Davis, CA. The next town north of there. Ashley is such a big hearted person who I love to talk to and I couldn't wait to hangout for a day with her. She was coming the next day (Saturday) to visit me.
      Jake and his friends were on their way out to town and they were able to take me to downtown Davis to a Starbucks. I thanked him and hugged them all. It was really great to have their hospitality an support for a night.
     Davis was a pretty cool town. There were a lot of college kids around (it's a college town) and the town was old style but very nice. Just walking through the downtown was nice. There was a lot of shade and big trees too which made it nice to be out of the heat.
     I went into Starbucks and wrote a while and used the Internet. I had my stuff set down at one table but I moved to another table trying to get a better wi fi signal. There was a lady who had came in and got coffee then sat outside. About 10 minutes later she came in and yelled "who's the worldinstrides guy?!" I raised my hand slowly and said me. She said right away what I'm doing is amazing. She said she has many questions for me and asked if I minded. I told her not at all and joined her outside. After a while of talking she wanted to call her husband out there to meet me and talk also. He also came and joined us. We talked for about an hour. We talked about many different things. The lady (Terry) was very sick and had been through many injuries in her life. She was hospitalized for a few years when she severely hurt her back and neck. She was on very heavy medication and taking; vicodin, oxycontin, xainex, and ambien all together in heavy doses. She never used drugs much until then. From using all the prescriptions together like that she became physically dependent and mentally numb. Since then she has struggled to get off of opiates and blacks out often from the mixture of medicine. She was actually going through a detox as I talked to her. It was so shocking to me because I would have never guessed. She looked completely like a healthy person and did not look like she was going through that. After she mentioned it I saw her having hot flashes and could see her struggling. But I would have never thought twice when I saw her get her coffee. It was surprising and just proves to me you never know some people until you can connect to them. It was really cool.     
     I talked with them for a while before they had to be going. They were successful business people who travel through many countries for their work. They gave me a generous donation, prayed for me and were on their way.
     I walked downtown to look for a place to sleep that night. I ended up finding a baseball field and decided to sleep right next to the left center field wall. I listened to some music and fell asleep around 11. 

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jan said...

Isn't it amazing Nick...we all have a story to tell. You see people out and about and have no idea what the story of that persons life may be. Most of us walk around looking fine but if you dig deep enough a lot of us have some heart breaking stories to tell...and also some really wonderful ones too! God Bless xoxo