Day 17

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        I woke up in the firework booth at around 930. I slept really good and for 11 hours. It always feels good to get good rest and almost reset. I packed up my stuff and left. 
       Just down the street I spotted a laundromat. I was gonna have visitors the next day so I decided to clean up again. I bathed in the laundromat restroom and washed the clothes I was wearing as they were dirty especially from sleeping in the dirt 2 nights in a row. I asked a lady inside the laundromat if she knew of a bus that went to the mall. She said there was a stop across the street that would go there. So after I did my laundry I went to the bus stop to catch a ride. 
        I took the bus to the mall. It took me about 20 minutes to get there. I got to the mall and headed in to find the apple store. I was really upset about my phone not working and wanted to figure it out so I could get all my outside contact back. I went into the apple store and had to make an appt. Luckily they had an appt available in about 20 minutes from the time I got there. 
       They checked my phone for free. While they were trouble shooting it I used an I pad there to check my emails. The man who checked my phone came back and said my wifi card was fried in my phone. I was pretty upset but told him oh well. I thanked him and headed out of there. I was bummed out and it was hot so I decided to hit a pool I saw the day before for a swim to cool down. 
       When I was waiting for the bus at the mall an older lady asked me where I was going. She said I didn't look homeless and she could tell by my eyes that there was something different. I told her about my journey and the purpose. It seems like whenever I share my journey with someone they suddenly open up to me and hit me with a ton of truth in their lives. She began to tell me about her lipo suction and her struggles with obesity. She said she had been through many surgeries and weight loss attempts but nothing has worked. Then she said she had just started a few days earlier a new attempt. She said she is fasting and praying until she has the body she wants. I was very hurt about that. I worked as a personal trainer for a few years and knew that was an absolute terrible method. She will damage herself much more by trying to do that. I didn't feel comfortable saying anything to her about it because there were many people around and I didn't want to tell her that. I was pondering it though until she said she would see her doctor later that day and talk to him about it. I prayed her doctor would be able to help her and that she would be put on the right path to weight loss.
         I got on the bus and headed back to north Sacramento near where the pool was. I got off at a stop near there and walked to the pool. It was 4:15 and the pool closed at 5 so they let me in for free. I changed and jumped into the pool. It felt really good. I just really enjoyed the cool water and sat there in the pool very comfortably. I stayed in the pool til they closed at 5. 
       Afterwards I laid in the sun on the grass outside of the pool area to dry off. I ended up taking a nap and woke up around 7. I walked to the park right near there and made my bed behind the backstop of a baseball field. I laid there a while and heard a few people come walking up behind me. A group of teens sat on the bleachers right behind me and smoked some weed. They were right there next to me but don't think they ever saw me. They took off. Another man came by and smoke weed also on the bleachers after the teens left. I don't think he ever saw me either. I fell asleep about an hour later.

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