Day 13

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I woke up on a sidewalk outside the mission at about 6am. A generator had started right across the street and a construction crew began their workday. Before I left I wanted a picture with big Moses. But he was still sleeping so I just took one of him asleep then took off. 
      I walked to a mcdonalds 20 minutes north and stopped there to brush my teeth and order something off the value breakfast menu. I sat down to eat and a young Mexican man sat next to me. He asked me if I was homeless along with some other questions. He was also homeless. He asked where I stay at night. I told him I'm alway moving during the day but the previous night I slept outside the mission. He was local and said he used to sell crack at the mission when he was 13. That was only the beginning of his drug dealing. He sold drugs ever since then. 3 years ago him and his girlfriend made over 300 thousand selling drugs in a year. He said they drove nice cars, had all they wanted, and were buying a house. I asked if he was happy and he said "he'll yeah!". Around that time in his life a lady his girlfriend knew asked them to watch a kid. So they did. Turned out it wasn't even her kid and there was actually a missing person report out for her. They ended up getting busted and were charged with kidnapping. They were faced with 15 years to life. He said he paid a bunch of his savings for a lawyer and eventually got it dropped to 2 years. So he and his girl each served their time and through it lost all Their money. They also lost their Child during it all. When he got out he couldn't find a job and became depressed. His girlfriend had become mentally Ill and would talk to walls all night. They eventually split up. He began using dope to deal with his depression and has been on it since then. He said he's hooked now and his life has no hope. He felt like it was karma for all the drug dealing in his life.... He stood up abruptly and sat his hash brown on my tray then said he had to go. He walked out. It was a crazy story and he seemed like an honest guy. 
       I stayed there at mcdonalds a little longer writing in my journal. A white man walked in with tattoos and a shaved head. He also looked homeless. He walked by me and went into the bathroom. I noticed him eying my stuff and my wallet on the table. He came back by and sat near me a few minutes later. I had a vibe that he was up to something. Right then a security walked in and told him to leave if he didn't order anything. He was pissed and took his time leaving. The security said he knew he's up to no good and to get out of there. For a second I thought I was gonna have to shank a fool trying to rob me.
      I walked north from there and crossed over the Sacramento river. I made my way to a Starbucks and relaxed there for a part of the day. I used the Internet and wrote a little more. 
      I left there around 8 and headed to a park up the road. There were a bunch of guys playing basketball there. I made my bed next to a baseball field. I laid down and fell asleep there. I got blasted by sprinklers 4 times through the night! And these sprinklers had heavy water pressure and I was soaked. All my things were drenched wet and I hardly slept through the night as I kept moving and getting hit over and over.


B McNamara said...

Man I am so bummed I didnt hear about this earlier... I am friends with your cousin Lanelle and saw her posting on FB! I just finished reading your entries and saw you were literally a mile from my work when you slept in Concord for the night right off willow pass! It would have been great to grab a starbucks with you... Good luck on the journey!

Rad said...

Hey nick! I don't know if you remember me, but my name is rory Radovich and I used to help out Daniel Blair. I met you at los banos last year. Anyways, I have been following your blog and I am really glad I got to meet you and have been able to read about your journey. Be safe man and I hope you find the happiness you're seeking.