Day 1

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Today is the day I leave to pursue my dreams of being happy. I woke up at 1:30 pm. I was actually pumped about that because I slept like a baby and could use the rest before I go. I packed my things...
-sleeping bag, blanket, 1 pair of extra clothes, medicine and toiletries( minimal), jacket, socks and underwear, gloves, a few bars, 2 ready meals, 3 waters, phone with no service, an a small picture of my nana and a broken watch from her. Oh and a pocket knife for protection. I will shower, eat cold pizza with hella ranch. Then walk north from San ramon CA. 


Jake said...

Nick this is jakey the snakey , just wanna say good luck man much respect for u I support you 100% ill be following your blog every day hopefully ill see your book some day or a tv show aha your awsome god bless bro stay safe

Anonymous said...

I will be thinking of you each morning and sending health and stamina as you move along and keeping track on this site. Bless you. Jake the Snake's grandma.