Day 47 / May 20, 2012

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       I woke up on day 47 in Brandon MS. I was in a nice house of people who took me in. I opened my eyes and almost forgot where I was. Much of this trip has been surreal and has felt like a dream. So sometimes when I wake up I have to think for a while and process what's going on.
       I stretched out and yawned. The bed was so comfortable and I was so relaxed! The little dog was still laying there next to me sleeping. It was cool that he liked me and just hung out next to me like that.
       After laying there a while I got up slowly. I walked out to the garage where Terry was washing his car. I hung out with him and did a few things I needed to do before leaving sometime that day. I put another coat of duct tape on the bottom of my shoes to prevent the soles from wearing out. And I also lightened my cart as much as possible. I took my atlas and tore out the pages of the states I will go through and put them in a ziplock bag. The rest of the book I threw out to get rid of the extra weight. Also took some other random stuff out.
     Terry had bought me some new wheels from home depot for my cart. So we put those on and trashed the other ones that were pretty worn out. They lasted 600 plus miles, so it was a good run.
      I stayed there til about 12 or so. I packed my clean laundry and clothes up in my bag, and was set to head out. I thanked them very much for taking me in. It was a much needed rest and I was very refreshed and recharged to continue. We said goodbye and I walked out to the street and off I went.
        I walked only about 2 miles to a McDonald's and went there to catch up on my journals. A guy on twitter wanted to meet me there. He showed up a bit later and came to meet and talk to me. He had a lot of questions about what I was doing and was trying to figure out why I was doing it. He lived right across the way with his dad in an apartment. He was 20. He asked if I wanted to stay with them and at first I thought maybe I would. But then he said his dad might freak and for me to tell him I was going to be on the Ellen show or something. At that point I really didn't want to go there anymore. He was trying hard to get me to come but I didn't have a good feeling about it. He also was calling a bunch of people and said he was gonna have a party and get wasted and smoke. After nobody answered when he called about 6 times, again I was just not sure about going. I told him to let me know later on twitter and I would play it by ear. But at that point I didn't want to go anyways. He went home and I stayed there to write my journals.
         I stayed there the whole day and just rested my legs. They were still hurting and my knees for some reason were pretty sore. Plus I walked about 100 miles in 6 days so I figured a few days to recover was in need.
       So after the day went by it was about 9:30 and I had a little more writing to do. Just then the same guy that came by earlier came back. He said he was drinking margaritas and trying to get at some chick but it didn't happen. He was a trippy dude. He kept asking very prying questions and talking to him was a little uncomfortable for me.
         On twitter I had the sherrifs fiancé tell me that Drew (sheriff I met 2 days before) wanted to come say hi one last time before I left tomorrow. His shift just ended so he stopped by there. I met him outside and the guy that was with me followed too. So we visited for a bit and Drew brought me a couple things. He had an off brand leather man fold up knife, and also a strong clip attached to some nylon cord that he made himself. It was really cool and I could definitely afford to pack it as it was light and may come in handy. We talked for a while and I told him if he and his fiancé ever wanted to visit California in the future we would love to have them out there. He was a really cool guy.
        So eventually we parted ways and I was off to find a sleep spot. I said goodbye and he said if I get into any troubled situation and I'm not too far to let him or his fiancé know and they would help. I said bye. Then as I left the young kid circled back around in his car and said he would like to come to California too. He said if I get rich and famous off of this journey (which I doubt would ever happen) that I should fly him out. I said we will see. Then he said he wanted to do a video for me before he left. I felt bad to say no so I told him ok. He got out of his car and I recorded him. He started marketing his raps and said if any record labels see this video, that they need to fly him out and record his rhymes. It was pretty funny. The guy was funny.
        So I left there and headed across the street behind a Lowes. In the back there were some trees and bushes. I walked into the bushes where my cart was hidden. I made my bed there. It was a pretty sketchy spot and I got there in the dark so I couldn't see much of what was right around there. But I laid down and eventually went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night hearing something that sounded like a possum, or something that size, stomping around getting closer to me. I got up and yelled and did a fake growl to try and scare it off. I heard it run away. Then I went back to bed.       

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