Day 24

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Day 24 was a day I would take completely off to heal my feet. I am now about 10 miles east of crestview and in the country. And maybe 50 miles from alabama state line.
     When I woke up I sat up and wiped the ants off of me. I looked around to make sure I didn't see anyone around. I got up and peeked around the corners and the houses seemed to be empty again like the residents went back to work.
      I stood up and my feet were very sore. Not as painful as the last day, but more of a next day sore. I put my shoes on and went around to the front to plug my stuff in as they were dead again. I walked gingerly again today to aid the pain in my feet.
     When I came to the front there were a few cars there. They were inside the church doing something but I plugged my things in anyway. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later they came out. They asked if I knew someone there or something? I told them I was just passing through and was trying to get a charge. They said there was a deck across the street that was part of the church and that I could go over there and use the outlets. I said thanks. They also asked If I was hungry. I told them if they had a snack to spare I would definetly take it and appreciate it. A lady said she would grab a few things from the pantry. She came out with a bag. Inside was a can of Mac n beef, and 2 cup of noodles. I thanked them and headed to get my stuff and go to the deck.
       It was a covered deck and had a few things on it like old church benches and fold up chairs. It was perfect. It was a good hidden place for me to spend a day to recover. I plugged in, threw my sleeping bag down and laid back. There was a slight infestation of bees and wasps, but I could deal with it. I had to use my hat here and there when they would come at me and fly around my head. But it didn't bother me much.
        I basically sat there all day and stayed off my feet. I decided to eat the Mac n beef but it wasn't a pop top. So I used my screwdriver to stab a bunch of holes in the top, then pryed the holes to meet eachother eventually making an opening big enough to stick a plastic spoon I had into it and eat. I felt like a big hobo doing that, but I got to eat it so it was ok.
        I sat there and used Internet and talked with friends and family. It was nice to have a day where I could relax and do things online to catch up on the life outside of my semi-isolated world.
       I decided also I would take a shower that night with the hose at the church. I waited til it was pretty late so the homes around would likely be asleep. I snuck across the street to the church with another set of clothes and a mini conditioner bottle.
       I showered behind a bush where it was dark with the hose. I was in dirt so it was pretty tough. I tried to sit on the coiled up hose to avoid the dirt/mud now that it was wet. (as I'm writing this in bed, a huge flying beetle bug just landed on my leg! Gross!) so after I showered and washed my hair and beard I also used the conditioner to wash the clothes I had on before. It wasn't very good but enough to make them not stink as much and get some of the dirt and sweat out.
      I felt very clean. Even if it wasn't up to my usual showering standards, I felt really fresh. I headed back and draped my wet clothes over the railings. I laid down, covered up and went to bed.

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