Day 18

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I got up around 8:30. I could hear a dog sound of voices coming from inside the church I slept behind. I had hoped nobody had came to the back and saw me before I woke up. I got up and peeked around the corner and saw a bunch of cars. They must have been in a saturday morning service. I think it just started as I head music begin to play. There was a smell of breakfast in the air too. That was a sweet aroma an it made my mouth water.
        I plugged my stuff into the charger there as I packed up and brushed my teeth. When I was ready I geared up and walked to the highway. There was nobody outside of the church and I was on the road. 
        I walked a way and was making some good ground. It was a bit overcast and cool too so that helped and I wasn't draining my water like usual. I got close to the next town of chipley FL. When I was about 2 miles away it started to lightly rain. It wasn't much and I was keeping dry enough so I continued. But then about 10 minutes later it picked up a bit. It was just hard enough where my packed thing in my cart were getting pretty wet so I pulled of the road and under a tree. The trees branches kept me dry enough under them. I figured I would wait until it slowed down then I would move on. 
      About another 10 minutes passed and it slowed down. So I walked again. Then again, it picked up. So again, I pulled off under a tree. This time though the rain was harder and bigger drops. I was actually starting to get wet under the tree now. I needed to find better cover or I would be soaked. 
        I remembered that jasmines mom had given my a trash bag. So I dug down to the bottom of my backpack and found it! It was pretty big. I tore a hole in the bottom of it and pulled it over my head. It was big enough to also go over my backpack too. I took my jacket and covered my cart the best I could and was ready to go that last mile to get to better cover in chipley FL. 
        So I walked through the heavy rain and was happy as I was staying dry. It was working well and I had a good pace to get there quickly. It was coming down hard enough where the bill of my hat was poring water down. 
        About 20 minutes or so later I got to chipley. I went to the first overhang I saw and was lucky to find an outlet there too. It was a store that was closed down. I sat there for about an hour and watched the downpour while charging my stuff and using the Internet. It worked out well. I also ate a slice of bread and a granola bar given to me a while back. It was past the sell by date so I wanted to eat it before it might spoil.
          After a while the rain slowed. The weather looked like rain most of the day/night. So I wanted to find a place to maybe sleep nearby. I walked across the town and on the other side checked out a public library. It had a cover and was closed Saturday and Sunday. It would have to do. I tucked up under the overhang and took my pack off and sat down. It felt like an unproductive day as far as walking, but I could use the rest and wanted to keep my stuff dry. So that was camp.
          When I got there it was about 5. I sat there and used the Internet and played games most a while. There was a charger there too so it was a good spot. A while later I plugged my things in and made my bed. I laid there and watched the rain thinking about the trip and the way it has affected my thoughts. 
        I sort of just hung around there the rest of the night and goofed off killing time. Eventually I went to bed. I slept in the tanbark in the garden up against the building. I fell asleep around midnight or so.


SPOA said...

Hi Nick, I found your blog last night. I'm a day late and a dollar short for sure, but catching up. I was thinking last night how I needed a book to read and well, this came up. This is much better. Thanks for taking the time to write it out. I woke this morning looking forward to reading a few more days before I get up. It just occurred to me that a journey is personal and starts with your own life wherever you are. You can walk outside like you were, or do it another way; it's just a matter of walking somewhere, into something. K

Andi said...

Did I miss something? Did you lose your tent somewhere along the way?