Day 44 / May 17, 2012

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           On day 44 I woke up and something was wrong with me. When I woke up my left eye wouldn't open. I felt it with my hand and it was swollen about the size of a golf ball and I couldn't open it at all even if I tried as hard as I could to. I couldn't help but laugh and just think to myself that I knew something bizarre would happen sooner or later. I didn't freak out at all and just figured I would google to see what it might be before I become worried at all. So I got up and packed my things and walked to the car dealership to plug in and check out google about my eye.
          I checked into it and it looked like a spider bit my eyelid and it had become inflamed and full of fluid. So I took some anti-inflammatorys that a guy gave me in Florida to help the swelling. Also I used cortisone cream I had on my eyelid.
          I sat there a while when a lady pulled up. She said her son owns the car dealership and he would be there soon. I let her know I was just charging my GPS for the day and she said it was ok. She left and I packed up soon after that to leave before he got there. Before I left I brushed my teeth. It was a mission to try to get the toothpaste on the brush. My depth perception was way off and it took me 3 tries to get it on there.
         When I left walking it was a little sketchy only having one eye. And again, even as hard as I tried I could not open it at all. I would lose my balance slightly every once in a while. It was scary being on the shoulder close to cars like that but I wanted to get 20 miles in that day.
          A few miles up a car pulled over and honked behind me. It was the husband and wife from the day before who were on their way to McGee to pay bills. They were checking in on me. I showed them my eye and they were pretty shocked. It looked pretty wicked. They said be careful and asked if I needed anything. I told them prayers! They said they would stop to see me on the way back later.
         I kept walking and walked a good ways but at a little slower pace because of my eye. About an hour later the husband and wife returned to check on me and brought me a cold drink. They also had a niece who wanted to meet me, so they pulled off and I took a break with them waiting for their niece. They showed up and it was the niece, her boyfriend, and their 2 kids. They hung out a while and took some pictures. When they left I continued.
           As I approached McGee I was going to stop at McDonald's to take a break. There were friends of the kids I met from the day before who wanted to meet me, so I let them know (on twitter) that I was stopping at McDonald's if they wanted to meet me. So him and his friend and her baby met me there for lunch. We hung out and talked a while there about my trip so far. And of course I always let everyone know all the glory is God's. I am close to Him and He watches and guides me along my steps. They left after a while and eventually I got back on the road.
         About a mile out of town a man pulled over and gave me a instant dinner and some snack bars. Then right after that another guy pulled over to give me some pop tarts he had.
         I walked a little while longer and I was so loaded down that my knees really were bothering me. I decided it was a good idea to pull off and lighten my load. So I stopped at a church I passed on the north end of McGee to leave some food there that maybe the church could give to someone. I was getting so much now that I can't use it all. Which is a good problem to have out here.
         I continued to the town of Mendenhall ahead about 5 miles. My knees still hurt but the load was for sure lighter. The two guys I met the day before wanted to come out and bring their friends to meet me when I got to my destination for the night. I got to the church that I mapped out on the GPS, but again it was a house. But there was a church just back a few hundred yards that I walked back to. It was up a hill and it was actually a baptist donation center. But it was closed Friday and it was Thursday night, so I figured I was good.
         The guys came and met me there. There were 5 of them and they brought me a box of MRE military meals, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, 3 pair of socks, and some other small first aid items. And a cold Gatorade that hit the spot! They were all really cool and were very supportive of my trip. It was a really cool visit and they gave me inspiration just like everyone who stops for me does! They hungout for about 20 minutes and then took off. It was really cool.
        I couldn't find a faucet anywhere there and the outlet where I slept didn't work. So I made my bed and laid down. My feet and legs hurt, I was really sweaty and in fact took my shirt off and threw it away and put one of the shirts they gave me on right away. But my pours still were sweating.
        I laid down and it was a good day. I still only had one eye, but was happy I overcame that and still had a great day and moved with God's speed. I laid down on the concrete and looked up to thank God in a little prayer. It hit me in the middle of the prayer, even with my eye messed up, my legs riddled with scabs from bug bites, my feet and knees in agony, I was experiencing a moment of happiness during that prayer. I slept like a baby that night.


Gene Houston said...

nice to meet you today via Twitter, cant wait to see you on the west coast!! God willing you make it buddy!

Andi said...

This might sound nasty, but I wish I could have seen a picture of your eyeball. LOL