Day 36 / May 9, 2012

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 It started raining and I heard the drops on my sleeping bag. It was just light enough where I could tell the sun would rise soon. I was still tired so I sat up and grabbed my tarp out of my cart and unfolded it to throw it over the cart and myself to stay dry. I went back to sleep for a while. When the tarp is over me it gets really hot and the moisture makes everything wet too. It was pretty uncomfortable and I was really sweaty, but I was still tired so I was in and out of sleep a while longer.
       When I finally was ready to get up I opened my eyes and there was a spider right in front of my nose. I was a couple inches away from the dirt and he was there right in front of my face. I didn't really flinch but rather just sat up slowly and it crawled off and under the AC unit I slept next to.
        I woke up and the rain had stopped. The sky was pretty clear. It was going to be my last morning in Alabama as the state line was ahead about 10 miles. I was exited to cross another state and felt good as I got through Alabama in such a short amount of time compared to Florida.
        I packed up and found an outlet to charge up a bit. I also filled up my water jugs. I munched on a cliff bar for breakfast that the Alabama crew I stayed with gave to me. When I had a good charge I headed out.
        As I left Semmes AL a car pulled over in front of me. It was a lady and her daughter. They said they had some snacks for me. They gave me 3 little bags of chips and 2 sodas. I was exited and it meant a lot as it would be perfect for lunch. I put the snacks in my cart and kept walking.
      I walked a good pace and covered some ground early. It was around 1 (I started from the church at 9:30) and I was close to the state line. I took a lunch break when I crossed over a lake.  I sat on a concrete barrier and relaxed while I ate all 3 of the chip bags and pounded both sodas. Sat there about 20 minutes then was ready for Mississippi.
      When I reached the state line I was happy. I really felt confident and it was a cool achievement. I was honestly the most pumped as my little cart that I haul my supplies in had lasted since Jacksonville. The thing is so flimsy looking but has proven to be pretty tough.
        When I passed the line I walked about 4 miles then took another break. I sat in the shade and when I tried using my Internet I had no service. So I ate more chips from the lady yesterday that gave me a bag of groceries. I killed those and drank some water. For some reason I was more hungry than normal today.
         I got back on the road and had about 5 more miles to get to the church I was headed to for the night. It was a tough walk up some rolling hills but I made it. It was just at sunset. When I got there it was Wednesday night, so there was a service going on. I walked past it and scoped it out. I didn't see anyone outside and I had a good angle to get behind the church without anyone seeing me from the front. So I went for it. I got behind and it was very hidden with basically bushes all around me. It was a good spot and I was pretty sure I wasn't seen. I tried using my Internet again and still no signal. I was hoping maybe it was just a dead zone. I always fear that my Internet device will break or that my iPod will. So I hoped it wasn't that. I didn't see a charger either and just figured I would check the front in the morning. I laid there and closed my eyes. I fell asleep a while and when the service was over I woke up hearing all the cars starting and leaving. I went back to bed after that.

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