Day 25

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I woke up on day 25 ready to go. I was well rested and sat long enough to be ready to get back on the move. I popped up excited to get the hell out of there. I packed up my sleeping bag, filled my water jugs, loaded my cart and got a full charge while I did all that. I sat for a little while using the Internet and then hit the road.
       It was a nice day out and a little breeze blew which made it nice for walking. I walked towards the town of Milton which was west on the 90. Milton was about 10 miles. I wanted to take my time and try not to push too hard to make it easier on my feet and my body. I drank plenty of water and when my feet were cramped I took short breaks.
       My destination that night was a church in Pace, FL. Right across the street from the church there was a Little Caesars Pizza where I planned to check and see when they closed if they would have any hot and ready throw aways.
      As I got a few miles from Milton there was an old historic brick road that ran along the 90 that I walked down. It was nice not to have to be so close to cars flying right by me. It was also shaded which made it even better. I followed that until I reached Milton.
      I googled a McDonalds in Milton to take my midday break in air conditioning, and to use their Internet and outlets. When I got there I also snacked on some bread and crackers. I was really hungry and didn't eat until then (about 3 pm).
       I was on twitter there and tweeted about where I took my break and where I was headed to. After my break at about 4:30 I took off again heading to Pace. It was sort of a connected town and I never really got back out into the country.
       As I was walking down the highway a white truck pulled off and into a gas station that I was walking by. A man opened his door and gave me a wave to come over. I walked towards him and he jumped out and said he had a care package. Right when he said that I knew it had to be someone from twitter or a connection to someone on twitter as many people on there tell me they will bring me care packages along the way.
       He was from Pensacola, FL, which was about 20 miles away. His name was Taylor Curry. He said he had a lot of things for me but wasn't sure what I needed. I was so exited! I couldn't believe someone had driven out and tracked me down to help me out. I was really happy and it gave me a real boost of confidence.
       I told him I was really thankful. He asked what I needed and I said as much as I can without adding too much weight. He gave me some zip ties ( always come in handy), a white shirt that I really needed, a can opener (after seeing me murder the Mac n beef) and $40 cash. I was very thankful and so blown away. This meant a lot to me and it was cool to talk to someone who has followed my travels. I told him it was cool to meet someone who doesn't think I'm crazy like the people I usually meet do. He said he still thought I was crazy. I laughed and said I guess so.
        We talked for about 20 minutes and then he said he didn't want to keep me too long and knew I was headed to Pace. I got a picture, shook his hand and took off. I had a smile on my face and the package and visit meant a lot to me.
      So I continued. I walked into the town of Pace. It was dark and I had a few miles to go. I was crossing a driveway where a man was exiting. He stopped and so I walked across the driveway. Just as I got in front of him the truck came accelerating towards me and nearly caught me and my cart. He just saw me in time and slammed the breaks. He instantly rolled his window and apologized. I told him no worries.
        I reached the church. It was about 8 and Little Caesars closed at 11. I was starving and had time to kill so I went into a Hardee's across the way and ordered a cheeseburger. I ordered just the burger and an ice water. The guy there gave me a cup and said to go ahead and get a soda or whatever. He was really nice. So I filled up with some rasberry iced tea. It tasted so good. I'm usually not much for anything except water but for some reason this was so much better when I was really thirsty. I downed a few cups right away then sat down.
      When the guy brought me burger out he also brought me a large order of fries. He said there were enough extra so he hooked me up. It was pretty cool. It was a really good day and I was a lucky bum. I pigged out and the food was all amazing. I sat in there and charged up until 11. Then I went to Little Caesars to see if they had any toss out pizzas. The guy said they had one and just before they closed someone came in to buy it. I said no problem and God bless. I had a pretty good day and wasn't even bummed about the pizza.
       I went across to the church and it was time to make camp. It was dark and there was one corner of the property that was hidden away. I walked back there and into the trees. It was really dark and I couldn't see hardly at all. I was worried about what was around me but just made a bed anyways behind a big tree. There were houses all around and I wasn't sure if I would be visible to them when the sun came up or not. I just figured if I was I would get up early. I threw my sleeping bag down and laid there. I fell asleep around 12am.

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