Day 41 / May 14, 2012

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I woke up in south Hattiesberg on day 41. I had slept well, for homeless standards, and was charged and ready for the day. I wasn't sure what time it was as all my electronics were dead. I had one bottle left of water and hoped to find an outlet soon to charge my stuff.
       Before I left I needed to get rid of some weight in my cart. My knees have been hurting lately and my cart is packed too full of stuff. So I picked through it and got rid of some things I could do without. When I left walking I already could feel how much better it felt.
       I had no clue really where I was headed and wanted to hit a McDonald's to use their wifi/outlet and get a gameplan ready for the week. I walked down to a stop sign where there was a storage property and saw a man outside of there in a truck. I asked him where there was a McDonald's north of there? He wasn't sure how to get to it but he guided me in the right direction.
         I headed up the way he said and eventually ran into a charge where there was an outlet out front. I plugged in there and charged for a bit while finding the right route on the GPS. After 15 minutes I headed out.
          On the way to the McDonald's I passed through a construction sight where they were doing roadwork. One of the crew members waved me down and ran after me to give me 2 MRE dinners. He said he had extra and I might be able to use them. That was pretty nice.
         I finally got to McDonald's. I ended up spending most of the day there resting my knees and setting up my weeks route to get to Jackson MS. I wanted to be there by Saturday as the people I met a couple days before we're gonna BBQ for me.
         As the day went by I also wanted to do my laundry. So at around 8 I walked about a half mile away and found a laundromat. I went in there and there was a restroom inside. So I went into the restroom and bathed in there. I stripped down and bathed using the sink and my jacket as a scrub. I put my other clothes on and came out. I took the clothes I was wearing and my sleeping bag and threw them in the wash.
        I sat there for about an hour and a half doing my laundry. After I was done I headed across the street to a church. The church was a little more open then I liked so I ended up sleeping next to a big shop across from it. The shop wasn't near a house and I wasn't sure if it was associated with the church or what? But either way I was pretty hidden  and wasn't too worried. I made my bed there and I felt good and clean and fell asleep comfortable on the grass that night and slept pretty good.

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