Day 30 / May 3,2012

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On day 30 I woke up in the most uncomfortable physical condition yet. My head was pounding. My body was wet and cold. I had used a wet jacket all night as a blanket which left me with no pillow and my head laying on a wet sleeping bag. I was dead tired and hardly slept. It was very frustrating. And when I woke up the rain still fell rapidly on my tarp that was over my tent.
        I tried to sleep longer but couldn't. Since the rain was still heavy there wasn't much I could do. So I laid there and said a prayer to help me somehow dry my things soon, someway, and to rest well the next night. I really needed it as I basically had no valid sleep that night.
       I laid there about another hour and suddenly the rain stopped. In a matter of about 5 minutes it went from heavy rain to hot sunshine. I could feel the heat inside the tent. I opened the tent door and the skies were clearing and the sun came through! I quickly put my shoes on and got out. I pulled my sleeping bag out and it was dripping heavily. I draped it over the corral fence and the sun shined on it. I pulled the tarp off and laid it out and opened it up all the way for the sun to dry it. And my tent was also in the sun so it would dry too. I used my other pair of shorts and wiped the water off the bottom of the tent inside. It was enough water to soak the shorts completely, so I threw them on the fence to dry as well.
        The skies were clearing and while my things were drying I went up to the church to charge my devices also as they were dead. The day would not be a travel day as I wanted one more day to let the numbing in my feet and toes to heal. So I charged up and used the Internet. I was keeping a close eye on the clouds though in case it started to look like rain again so I would be able to hurry back and avoid my things getting rained on.
          The remainder of the day was pretty nice. The weather actually stayed sunny all day and my things were able to completely dry. I was very happy that I would be able to sleep in dry comfort that night. I was thankful.
          So after I had full charge I headed back to the tent. Nobody was at the church that day and that was good also to give me the rest and time to get things sorted out. When I was back at the tent I made up my bed again and threw the tarp back over just in case. I laid in there and I was pretty tired. I used the Internet and then figured I would try and get to sleep early. I still hadn't eaten so I ate 2 packs of crackers and cheese. I was getting low on food and when I would go to the next town of Robertsdale I would buy some things to stock up. I had around 55 or 60 dollars left.
          I ended up falling asleep early. Maybe around 8 or so. I slept great that night and got some much needed rest.

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