Day 37 / May 10, 2012

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I woke up on day 37 well rested. I slept good. The sun was shining and had woke me up around 10. I got up and packed up quickly. I went to the front of the church but still never found an outlet there. I filled up my waters and headed to the next town to try and find a charge and hopefully a place with wireless Internet.
          I walked about 5 miles and reached the town of Lucedale MS. It was a very small town and I didn't find anywhere really to stop and for sure no wifi spots. I passed the town and there was a church there where I stopped and found an outlet. As I sat there charging my stuff a truck and trailer with a lawn mower pulled up. It was a man there to cut the church lawn. He got out and came over and I told him I was just using the outlets briefly. He asked where I was going and I told him about my journey. He was really interested in it. He picked my brain a little and then said he was the pastor of the church.
          He was a really cool guy and told me about himself too. He was a $2000 a week cocaine addict at one point and was a drug dealer that spanned 3 states (Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana). He said he is lucky he's not in jail and God saved him. It was a powerful story. He took me inside the church to show me around. He had built the church with his family 10 years ago and was proud of it. I thought that was cool.
       He asked if I needed a shower or anything as there was a bathhouse out back. He offered for me to use the facility if I needed anything. I told him I was ok but thanks. A shower would have been cool but it's hard if I can't do laundry too.
             He told me to use the charger out front as long as I needed and if I needed anything else to let him know. He went and started cutting the lawn. I stayed there about 15 more minutes and then left. I checked my Internet again and still had no connection. I was upset about that.
        I walked another 7 miles or so when a truck pulled off and asked if I was hungry. It was an old man in a truck. I said ya a little, and he pulled a bag out of churches chicken and handed it to me with a soda also. I thanked him sincerely and he said "enjoy!". I sat down under a tree and ate a chicken breast and a biscuit and washed it down with a soda. It was my first meal all day and it was delicious.
        So after that I continued. I walked a couple more hours when another truck pulled off. It was a middle age man who asked where I was going. I told him and he was impressed. He said he wanted to take me to eat dinner at his house. I said I really appreciated it but I couldn't ride in a car and was only walking. He lived 8 miles in the wrong direction so there was no way I was going to walk it. He said he wished he could help me but he had nothing on him. I said a prayer means as much as anything. He said he could do that no problem.
        So I walked another 4 or 5 miles and it was nearing sunset. I didn't really have a destination that day since my Internet still wasn't working. So I was just winging it. As I was walking the same truck pulled off in front of me. It was the same guy and he had doubled back to bring me dinner. He handed me a bag of hot food. He said he was headed to a church prayer group but wanted to bring me dinner first. I was so thankful and couldn't believe how nice that was. He said he was going to send out prayers for me and then he left.
       So I looked for a place to sit down and about a half mile ahead I crossed a church. I walked up to it and sat down there. I ate the Dinner while it was still hot. It was some rice his wife made and it was good. He also gave me a salad too. So I enjoyed dinner relaxing there.
       When I was done it was about 7:30 and I figured I would just stay there to be safe and not get caught walking in the dark looking for a place to sleep. So I went behind the church and made my camp. I laid down and called it a night. There were some horses behind me whose fence came up close to me about 20 feet away. They were hanging out and eating by me for a while and I enjoyed listening to them stomp around and eat. I fell asleep early around 9:30.

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