Day 35 / May 8, 2012

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On day 35 I was in Mobile, AL. I woke up in a bit of a rough area at a church. Surprisingly I slept pretty good and don't know how I have gotten used to sleeping on concrete, but I have. I woke up and packed up. My heel blisters were hurting a little and especially the right heel. So I walked across the street to a CVS to look for moleskin but they didn't have any.
       I headed up the highway on my route towards highway 98. I walked through town a while and it was a little ghetto. It was tough to walk along that route because there were no sidewalks and no shoulder. It was constantly changing and would go from grass to rocks and then to a ditch. It was a challenge to walk that road.
       Eventually I checked my GPS and I had actually missed my turn. So I ended up detouring and getting back to the 215. I had to walk maybe an extra mile to get back on track and was a little upset about it. When I was on the 215 a car pulled off in front of me. A lady got out and waved at me from maybe 100 yards ahead. I waved back. Then she sat a bag down and waved again. I gave an affirmitive wave and a thumbs up. She took off but left me something. When I got up there it was a grocery bag with a box of graham crackers, a bag of cheeto chips, and a peach fanta drink. That was pretty cool and made me happy. Very thankful for the good people out here.
       I took the 215 to the 98. When I hit the 98 it began raining and quickly turned to a down pour. I pulled off and sat under an overhang to stay dry at an old closed down store.
       When I sat there I checked my Internet and saw that my dad had sent me a message on my free texting app I have. It made me a little teary eyed and emotional. My dad is not a texter so I know he went out of his way to send that and I was really happy. I miss my family and know that will be tough as time passes.
         After the rain let up I continued. I made it to the town of Semmel which was about 10 miles from the Mississippi state line. I came to a church just passed the town where I decided to stay. I pulled off and walked around it. There wasn't really any ideal place to sleep so I ended up staying between an AC unit and the church to stay hidden. I made my bed and went to sleep around 10.

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