Day 27

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I woke up today at around 8:30. This would be my last day waking up in Florida as I was 3 miles from the Alabama state line. I woke up from a horrible night of sleep and was very tired. I packed my things up and plugged my stuff in to charge a bit. For some reason my feet were numb on the bottom and I couldn't really feel my toes. It was weird and I wondered what was going on?
        After I charged up I headed down the road. I walked a little ways and I arrived at the river that divides Alabama and Florida. When I got there I didn't really have many emotions about it. I was honestly pumped that my cart made it across the entire state of Florida. But for the most part it was a hot day and I was trying to stay cool. I took a few minutes at the crossing where the Alabama sign was. I drank some water there and just looked at it. There was some construction on a new bridge going on right next to me so I checked that out a little and watched as the workers also looked over to me.
         I took off and went down the road and towards the first town I would come to in Bama. Which was Seminole. I stopped there and decided to take an early break at a gas station. As I walked up I noticed the construction crew were there for lunch. I asked what trade they were in and talked a little with them. They asked about my journey and were pretty blown away at what I'm attempting. They thought I was a little crazy but wished me luck anyway. They ended up giving me a few bucks and a Gatorade. I think 4 total and said to buy some lunch and join them. So I bought 2 slices of pizza and sat down with them.
        They were a pretty funny bunch. Typical construction crew from my experience working as an electrician and millwright. They talked mostly about drugs and girls. They were asking about drugs in California and also told me about the newest drugs out here. And they had some questions about the journey so far. One asked if anybody tried to rape me so far? I told him twice, but I shanked both of them. I was kidding but they laughed.
        It was cool to have the company and that they bought me lunch. Two of them that were brothers gave me their emails so they could stay in touch and follow my trip. Then they headed off back to the jobsite.
       I left there and when I started walking again my feet were noticeably numb and something didn't feel right. I was almost not able to balance and walk straight in my first few steps back on the highway. It got a little better but not much. The shoulder on the highway was a lot smaller since the state line and it was a little trickier walking as I had to pull slightly off the road for each oncoming car. I hoped it would get wider soon.
         I came to a church about 4 miles later where I would take a break and try and figure out my destination for the night. I googled churches down the highway but the next one was 15 miles. I didn't want to push it, especially with the way my feet felt so I decided it would be a short day and I would bunk up at the church where I was. So I sat there and relaxed. It was only about 4pm.
        After about an hour a truck pulled in. It was a young guy and girl dressed in farmer clothes with boots on. They got out of the truck and walked towards the church. I asked them if there was a service or anything going on. They said no and that they were there to weed wack and water the grass. I told them what I was doing so they wouldn't be alarmed. They were actually interested and came up to ask questions. They said if I stayed there a few days that Wednesday night they had a meeting if I wanted to join. I said thanks but I would be gone by then. They did the yard work on the lawn a while and I sat on a bench on the deck.
       Before they left they asked a few more questions and then shook my hand and said good luck. It was cool to meet them and have them offer me to stay there a few days. I'm not sure they were associated with the head of the church but I figured I was at least ok to stay one night. I spend the rest of the day hanging low and tinkering with my gear. I pulled some stuff out to lighten the load, worked on my shoes a little, and just went over all the supplies I had. My shoes are starting to wear but I want to make them last as long as I can. I don't think my shoes are causing my feet to blister/numb. I just think its my feet going from no training at all to walking and carrying a load day to day. I got a tip online on how to reinforce the souls on my shoes so I used more duct tape, tearing thin strands and weaving them in and out of eachother to give more padding under my shoe and cover the spots wearing on my soles.
        At night I was sitting next to the charger with my electronics. As I sat there a man walked down the highway with just jean shorts and boots on and was saying something to himself. He looked upset. My instinct said he was on drugs or was drunk but I didn't know. He just looked suspicious to me.
       About 30 minutes later a car rolled slowly down the highway and all of a sudden a huge beam of light shines right in my eyes. I stood up and put my hand over the light in my eyes. I could see that it was a cop car. He pulled into the driveway and I walked up to him. He asked if I was the guy walking down the highway? I told him I was but not since like 3 or 4. I told him I saw a guy about 30 minutes ago walk by with jean shorts on. He said thats who he was looking for. I told him which way he was walking ect. He said the mans wife left him and he was going ballistic. That worried me a bit and I hoped the guy didn't see me when he walked by.
        The cop asked what I was doing and I told him. He asked where I was saying that night and I said I was planning on staying there unless anyone had an issue. And in that case I would camp in the woods or whatever. He asked for my ID. He checked it and gave it back. He said he had no reason to make me leave but if anyone called in I would have to go. I told him I understood and that was no problem. He said good luck and be safe. He took off.
        I was relieved I could stay there as I really didn't want to have to find a camp spot in the woods past dark. I was thankful and I laid down and fell asleep on the deck in front of the porch. I slept pretty good that night with no worries.

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