Day 42 / May 15, 2012

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On day 42 I woke up next to the shop across the street from the laundromat in south Hattiesberg. I woke up at around 10 and was ready for the day. I got up and packed up right away. I went across the street to the laundromat to brush my teeth and charge my stuff a little more before leaving.
         I was there for 30 minutes and at 10:30 I headed to the 49 and started walking north through Hattiesberg. I walked through it and in northern Hattiesberg I didn't even know it but I came across Southern Miss. (the college). I walked past it and the football field was right there along the highway. I noticed a gate was open so I decided to try and get onto the field. I went through and got right out onto the turf. It was really cool and it was a beautiful stadium. I was the only person out there and I walked across the field a little. I wanted to continue on the highway to get along on my way so I took off.
        As I reached the north end of town I decided I would take an early break at a Wendy's and charge my devices again before leaving Hattiesberg. I sat there and ordered a couple things off of the dollar menu. I stayed there about an hour and then took off again.
          I hit the end of town and it was open road from there. I walked for maybe an hour when a man pulled over. He said he thought I could use some lunch so he went to get me sonic. He gave me a bag and a soda. I was really thankful. I was pretty full and so I stowed the bag in my cart to save it for dinner.
          Maybe 30 minutes later a man pulled off and brought me some bannanas and a water. He said to be safe walking on the highway. Told him thanks and he took off. I was very surprised with how people were pulling off that often and taking care of me. It was pretty awesome.
          I walked a few hours and was about an hour from my destination. I pulled off for a break as my feet were hurting and my knees were lightly throbbing. I pulled off and ate the food from sonic that the man brought me earlier. When I opened the bag there was also a $5 bill inside of it! That was a cool surprise.
         I headed north on 49 for my last mile. The church was off a little road just off the highway. As I approached it I got to see a really cool sunset. It was a nice night. I got to the church and it was a good place to stay. It was big and nothing was around it. Also it had plenty of chargers behind it and water faucets everywhere. I made my bed under an overhang in the back and plugged my things in. I laid there a while and used the Internet and eventually went to sleep around 11 or so.

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