Day 8

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Today I woke up behind the church( once again haha) as soon as I opened my eyes I saw that it was really smokey all around. The wind must have been just right where the smoke from the forest fire was drifting through where I was pretty heavily. I woke up, brushed my teeth and packed up. 
      As I walked to the front of the church there was an outlet near the front door. Even though it was exposed to the police station across the street I didn't care because if I got kicked out I was moving on anyways, so I charged my things and used the Internet there. I also ate the two bags of m&ms for breakfast as I knew they would be melted if they saw the heat of the day. 
      I took of down the road and it was the start of lake city. I had a little cough that was back and bugging me. I wondered if it was the smoke maybe irritating me. I kept going though.
      The town of lake city was a bit of a dump. It was rundown and dirty. I walked almost all the way through it and honestly wasn't sure if I should continue to walk all day in the thick smoke. So I say down and took a break in front of a liquor store. I sat there and was pretty hungry so I ended up popping open the bag of chips I had left. As I started eating them a car parked in front of me and a black lady got out with 3 bags of groceries. She said she saw my "food" sign and wanted to help me. I was so happy and thankful. She asked if I knew the lord, and I told her he's watching over me right now. She smiled. She said a prayer for me to have safe travels. (a loaf of bread, pack of bologna, 8 bannanas and a half gallon of sweet tea).
      I was happy and motivated to just go ahead and walk through the smoke. So I pounded the half gallon of sweet tea, and killed the bag of chips and headed off. After I finished the tea I realized I consumed 200 grams of sugar, so I was on a bit of a rush too.
      I walked another few blocks where a car pulled into a gas station in front of me and got out and handed me a burger king cheeseburger. A young guy said here you go, and god bless. I said thanks and again had those chills. Right as they pulled out he also reached out the window and gave me $5 and said to get a drink too. I said thanks so much and they drove off. I ate the burger while it was Hoyt and was a well fed hobo today!
        Another few blocks a lady and her two sons walked out from a parking lot through grass towards me. They came up and said they didn't have food but have me $6! I couldn't believe my luck today! I was for sure blessed with goodness of god working through other people. I told them what I was doing and was so thankful. They asked for my information so they could follow the journey. The boys thought it was so cool and it feels great to inspire and interest people. The day was going great!
        I walked out of the town and about 10 miles when I needed a break. I saw a cool looking school that looked empty so I walked in and sat in some chairs in the back. The school was brick and looked like something out of Harry potter. They had an outlet where I recharged my stuff. All of a sudden I heard a car pull up. I was startled. Some people were talking and entered the school. I didn't want them to see me and be frightened so I got up and sorta hid on the wall. But I forgot my hat on the table and my iPod on the chair charging. Also the chair was out of position. They sounded like they were right by the window where my stuff was. So I was torn, but eventually walked over there and grabbed it all and put the chair back hoping they wouldn't notice me. I packed my stuff and was ready to go. Bit I saw them inside and I was sorta stuck in the corner. If I moved they would see me either way of trying to get out. Eventually I said screw it and quickly took off. Even of they saw me I was gone anyways.
        As I headed west again on the highway I got to see the most beautiful sunset. It was a moment where I feel into the night. I wasn't worried about where my life is, where it's going and what I will do after this? All the worries just melted away and I just enjoyed watching the sun go down. It was a good moment. 
      After watching the sunset I continued walking. I came to a house where two put bulls came charging out after me. They were barking and growling and looked like they were gonna attack me. I had a water bottle in my had and used that to try and keep a buffer. They kept pressing aggressively and were not letting up. I was shuffling between them both and try to back away slowly. Just then the owner came out and yelled "just keep on walking kid, don't come back this way or those dogs will get you." I asked if he could call them. He said just turn your head and keep on down the road. It pissed me off a little and the guy was a real dick. 
      A little later a man pulled over and asked of I needed a ride. I told him I was walking but thanks. He asked my where and we started to talk. We ended up talking for a while And he had traveled a lot and had some good pointers. He was a nice old man. He said he would pray for me and he took off. 
      I ended up finding another really nice church to sleep behind. I was really tired and walked nearly 25 miles. I got behind the church, openened my bag up and plopped down. I fell right asleep. 

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badgadjit1 said...

love reading these blogs. Really inspiring. Your going to have a huge cheering section when you get to the finish line!