Day 7

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I woke up on day 7 at around 9:30. I was pretty hungry and had the Easter dinner from the family on the day before. I decided to try and conserve that for the whole day. So I started with eating the spinach, mac an cheese and cornbread. I didn't have any fork or anything so I ended up using the tapered end of my sunscreen to eat the spinach and Mac and cheese. It was so good. Even cold it was still amazing. I used the seran wrap that was over the ate and wrapped the two pieces of chicken up that I would save for later. I fully charged my iPod, filled my water jugs at the faucet, and geared up and headed off.
      As soon as I got onto the road I saw a person standing ahead a ways near where the 10 went over the 90. I walked up and it was a homeless man with a sign that said 10 west. I said hello and asked him where he was headed. He came from key west, rode his bike from there to Jacksonville. Then in Jacksonville he was trying to head towards Colorado when his bike was stolen. So then he was stuck hitchiking. He got a ride from Jacksonville to where he was but there was no traffic there and he knew it would be tough getting out. He had some work waiting for him in Colorado. I told him good luck getting there and moved on down the road. 
    I walked a good ways down 90. It wasn't too hot and I walked through most of the day. I took a break at a battle field memorial park where I was able to fill up my water jugs. I also ate one of the pieces of chicken to fuel me for the rest of the walk. There was a family of 4 there checking out the park and looked like they were on a road trip. They looked happy.
        I continued on after a little break. I headed west an made my way past the Columbia correctional facility where I soon afterward took another break. When I sat down there were flys that would land on me and then bite me. The bugs here suck. I was a little tired and low spirited at this point. This routine is full of a lot of lows and time to think, but also has amazing highs and moments of clarity. All in all it helps my growth as a person so it is a positive. 
      I headed back down the road. I was a little down but pushing through it. Just then a white car slowed down as it passed my and spun a u turn. A man parked about 100ft in front of me and got out and opened his trunk. As I approached the car he came around holding a few things. He handed me a ziplock bag full of snacks(6 packs of crackers, 2 bags of eminems, and two small cans of chicken sausage) a water bottle, $20 and a small book of scripture. He said god bless and good luck on my journey. It went from a low spirited moment right to a chill and goosebump moment just like that. These are the things that amaze me. I usually just look up to the sky and smile. It's good to know this world has good people who will always lend a hand and unite to help others in search of something. Pretty cool.
        So I was happy and finished the day off strong. Up ahead an right before the town of lake city a cop pulled off in front of me and jumped out quickly. He asked me to step off the shoulder of the road. He asked if I had any weapons on me? I said just a screwdriver. He asked where I was going and I told him I'm walking towards california. He asked if I knew the road in that direction and I said yes. Then he asked if I was desperate to get there which was unfitting, but I answered no just cruising. Then he said its dangerous to walk on the shoulder and he recommends not doing it. I told him thanks but I will be very cautious. He took off
        I found a church right before lake city. It was across the street from a police station so I made sure when I walked behind it there was nobody watching. I got to the back. I didn't see any outlets back there but I found a water hose. I filled my jugs then decided to try and shower. The hose only reached to the side and not the back. Since the police station was across from me I had to stay out of site as much as possible. So I stripped down to my undergarment and stayed down by some bushes while running the hose. I grabbed a bottle of hotel lotion that I had in my bag, and used that to clean myself. It would have to do. I also had the clothes I was wearing an washed them with the hose and lotion too. I sat down up against the wall hidden behind the strip of bushes and showed and washed the clothes. It wasn't the best method but it felt amazing. I changed to my other shorts and shirt, with fresh socks and a fresh pair of undergarment. I felt like $100 bucks!
      I Kaye's down begins the church and there were mesquitos everywhere. So much that I had to cover myself completely in my sleeping bag and jacket over my head just to avoid getting bit. But I was so Hoyt and sweating like crazy that I couldn't sleep. I eventually just opened my bag all the way and just laid flat on the tarp. The bag covered my all the way and kept the bugs off. It also was cooler and I fell asleep.

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