Day 15

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I woke up at around 9 in my tent. I was really comfortable and slept good not dealing with bugs or mosquitos through the night. I laid there a little while I checked weather on my iPod. It said rain off and on through the whole day. But it was bright outside and the sun was shining. 
        I got up and packed up my stuff. The tent takes an extra 5 minutes to pack but it's well worth it. I loaded up and went out to the highway. I figured I would walk until it started raining then would cover me and my things with my tarp to stay dry. 
        I grabbed a couple slices of bread out of my pack and munched them when I began walking. I walked for 4 miles into the town of gretlin. It was a small town and from the looks of it, it was poor. Just as I was about out of the town it started to rain. It was light so I kept going but about 5 minutes later it began to get heavy. Just my luck there was one last building before the town ended and it was a church. Perfect timing. 
      So I rolled my cart and went under a little overhang to stay dry. It rained pretty good for a long while while I sat there then it let up a little. When it let up I walked around the church to see if I could stay there if the rain didn't stop. Behind the church there was a portable car port that was large with 3 walls, and dry. I went an got my stuff and sat under there. I laid out my sleeping bag and relaxed through the storm. 
        The rain picked up. It was pouring! The drops hitting the tin of the cover were so loud. I t began to puddle outside of the carport. It poured for so long and so hard the puddle was getting bigger and started to move into the cover I was under. It got about half way and I moved my stuff to the dry half. Just then it let up a little and the puddle stopped getting bigger.
        It rained for a good 4-5 hours straight at a good steady downfall. I figured I would stay there because the next town was 13 miles and I wanted to stay dry, and rest up to get ready for tomorrow which would be nice. So I got comfortable.
          Just when I thought I was in a good spot a car pulled behind the church and right in front of the cover and just stared at me. I couldn't believe it! Someone must have seen me. It looked like he knew I was there. He sat there a while and it was awkward. I thought he might call the cops but he never got in his phone. He just stared like I was up to something. Really weird.
          About 10 minutes later he pulled off. I was bummed. I couldn't stay invade he called the cops so I packed up quickly and just hit the road. It had slowed down to a slow drizzle of rain and I hoped to find something or somewhere to stay soon incase it poured again. 
      I walked down the highway but no luck. I looked everywhere and couldn't even find a fair place to pitch my tent. I eventually saw a field across the railroad tracks (which runs along side the highway) and thought I would check it out. I started off the road and toward the tracks and I took one last glance ahead and saw a big church sign. I was in luck!
        I walked back onto the highway and to the church. It was huge! Two huge buildings and I didn't even know which was the church or what the other building was. I walked around it and found a faucet. I filled my jugs up right away so that I was stocked up on water. I'm beginning to have a keen taste for water and can really tell a difference in qualities. I drank the water and for a faucet it was pretty good.
        I walked around the side and also found an overhang with outlets. I plugged my things in and charged them. I wanted to stay the night here but worried in the morning someone would come. It's too big of a church to be completely vacant. So I started thinking about where I would stay. I decided I would pitch a tent behind the trees where the landscape ended. I found a couple spots that would work.
        Just then a car pulled up right in front of me. Dam again!! I was hoping to stay stealth and not be seen but I was spotted. The car left about 5 minutes later. I put my backpack on and wanted to get out of sight while I could. But another car pulled in! Worst timing. I know I can't complain since im trying to be sneaky but still! So I just walked toward the exit. As I was walking towards the driveway that went to the highway I spotted one other good spot on the other side. By then the car was out of sight behind the corner of the building. I hurried over, went into the trees, and was out of sight. Nobody saw me. I peeked through a little clearing to the highway and saw a cop fly by just then too.
        I opened my bag and grabbed my tent. Threw it up quickly, and put my cart and all my stuff inside. I hopped in at about 7 and made my bed. I was just hidden well enough to be comfortable. I laid down and wanted to get to bed early for a good long hike tomorrow now that I am regrouped with water, I will be rested, and the weather should be good. I went to bed and listened to the rain hit the tent and all the animals in the thick. Fell asleep in peace.

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