DAY 16

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I woke up in my tent. It was a little chilly and looked like it was dark out from the inside of my tent. I was in a thick area of trees though so I thought it may just be shaded. I checked my iPod and it was 9:30. I unzipped my door and on the ground there were little tree frogs everywhere hopping around. It was wet and dirty too.
      I ended up rolling my cart out then carrying my tent and stuff toward the church landscape to pack it up there so it didn't get wet/dirty or have frogs in it. I packed up my things there. It was pretty overcast and looked like it was about to rain but the weather for the day said no chance. 
        After packing up I went back to the church to get a little charge before taking off. There were people there but I just thought I would get 10 minutes in so my battery would last to the next town. I was brushing my teeth on the side of the church as my things charged when a man came out. He asked how I was and I said good, and that I was just charging my gps for a few minutes then I was heading down the road. He smiled and said no problem and told me to have a good day. I was a little relieved and thankful he was so nice about it. I ate 2 slices of bread and was ready.
          I hit the road. It was very humid out, not hot, but real Humid. I was on a good roll walking. I had watched the video that I recorded of Corey and it pumps me up now when I watch it (Corey the NFL football player I ran into). I was stocked with water and had good charge. I walked a straight 13 miles and only drank one small desani bottle of water. I'm getting to a point where I'm learning to only drink as much as I need and can actually feel when I approach the line of dehydration. 
      I made it to a town of Chatahoochi FL. It was about 3 and time for my midday break. I stopped at a Hardee's where I could charge my things and use their wifi. I ordered a chicken sandwich there so that I was a customer as I planned to stay a while. I stayed in the AC and relaxed for a couple hours. It was a nice break and I drank plenty of water there since I didn't have to worry about conserving. 
      At about 6, I took off. I wanted to get about 11 more miles down the road before dark. I walked a good pace. I crossed over a river that came out of the Dam at seminol lake. I looked down at the water and there were turtles everywhere. As I got passed the bridge I was walking on the shoulder and I saw something out of the corner of my eye....SNAKE!!! It was about 2 feet from me. I instantly had goosbumbs and my hair stood up. It was about 7 foot long or so. I scurried past it and then took a picture. I hate snakes. I had already seen a handful today and usually do each day but they are tiny and usually off into the grass a ways. This was a scare.
        I continued past a prison. It was a large facility and I could see the inmates off in the distance. I wondered what it would be like to do time. I always thought it would be interesting to do a couple months to see what it was like. But I'm good.
        I walked about 8 miles no problem. I passed 2 kids playing football at a house on the side of the 90. They asked if I was ok. I said ya and they walked up. They asked where I was going and I said CA. They also asked if I was trying to break a record or something. I told them no, and it was for personal reasons. I ended up playing a little catch with them for 5 minutes then took off. It felt good to throw the pigskin a little.
        The sun was setting and it was the time where I keep an eye out for a place to sleep. Just when I began looking a church was right up ahead. It was by itself and hidden pretty well. It was also back off the highway a ways. It was about as good a place as there will be when your homeless and traveling through. I walked back and went behind the church. There was a patio in the back with tables and a concrete pad. And a perfect spot in the corner where there was a rug on the ground and an outlet right by it. I wish every night could be this easy. I made my bed and tucked my things and myself right into the corner. I laid down and went through my emails there. I was safe and as comfortable as I could be (for mindsake, the concrete wasn't too comfy). It was only 8 and I was confused why it felt late. Then I realized on the Internet I had just passed into the central time zone. I was pretty exited. I felt accomplished!  
        I had trouble sleeping for some reason and was thinking a lot about my travels. I tossed and turned a while. As I laid there I heard something on the wall behind my head. I grabbed my iPod and put the light on it. It was a huge cockroach!! About the size of a Pringles chip!!! I reacted by grabbing my shoe and smashing it. I did it so fast and didn't even think. It was a little gross and figured that wouldn't help my sleep problem. I stayed up until about 2 (which yesterday would have been 3 in the other time zone) and finally fell asleep.

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