Day 10

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I woke up today in front of the abandoned gas station. It was really early and I heard some guys talking. I sat up and peeked over the bushes. There was a truck pulled over and two old men looking at a map on the hood. I laid back down as they were far enough off and the bushes covered me. I laid there awake. Then I heard another truck pull over and another guy yelling. I sat up again. The truck that just pulled off said that this was part of a business driveway and burned out and roosted the hell out of the two guys standing there. It was so random but pretty funny. The guys started yelling at the truck and the guy who roosted them had his hand out the window and yelled something too. Then he actually went down a dirt road from there that I didn't even notice the night before.
        After they all left I got up and brushed my teeth and packed my stuff. I headed out on the road. It was about 25 miles to the town of Lee. So I started walking. I was low on water so I kept my eyes open for any source to fill my jugs. 
      It was pretty hot today and I was really feeling the heat as I was low on water consumption. I walked for a few hours and my mouth was dry and I was getting thirsty. I was about half way through my day when a man in a white car pulled over next to me. He asked if I needed a ride and I said no thanks and that I was walking. He reached out and handed me a $20 bill. Then he said hold on, he pulled off the side of the road and got out. He was a 65 year old vietnam vet who was very curious to what I was doing. After hearing what I'm doing he was so exited and said it was going to be a great thing! He smiled so big and admired that I started with nothing and am letting god work to help me move. He went to his car and brought back big spray and $25 more dollars (which now puts me at $77 as I have not spent any yet). I was pretty shocked and it almost seems now like people are calling and hiring these random people to help me. It is that random.
        I couldn't believe him and everyone I would thank him he said no no, thank you! He said he loved meeting young people with a spirit like me. I was honestly a bit uncomfortable in a spot where I'm praised this much but I smiled and said thanks. He was a really cool guy! He lived in Arizona 10 years and told me all about what to expect there. He also gave me a few more pointers and we ended up talking for about 20 minutes. He was the most exited an energized person I have met in a while. He was rad! After a long talk and saying thanks again he said he wanted to let me keep moving. He got in his car and honked about 20 times as he drove off. I was pretty blown away.
        I kept walking and came to a country house with a yard sale. I was pretty thirsty and decided to see if they had a hose where I could fill my water. It was an old couple and they said of course and were very friendly. They asked where I walked from and were really surprised I came from Jacksonville. The man said this walk will make me a whole lot tougher and probly a whole lot thinner. I think he's right. He and his wife moved to Florida from the cold of Indianapolis 10 years ago. I talked with them a while and they were some good ol folks. My jugs were full and I headed out as they wished me luck.
        I made it to the town of Lee fl. This is probably the coast little town I ever been in. Very clean and nice looking. I stopped at the gas station to use the outlet and relax. It was really quiet there but a ton of people came in and shopped or got gas. It was interesting. There was also two men with a broken down car in front of me. An older black man and white oaky dude maybe mid 40s. They were working under the hood and trying to figure out why it wouldn't start. About 10 minutes later a black lady pulled up and hopped out. She looked like maybe the sister of the black guy. She was dressed up in a dress and had her hair and make up done and heels and earrings. I was confused. She came over and went under the hood. She started to tell the white guy in the car to pump the gas, then she popped open a box, she grabbed a wire Nd moved it around and unplugged it and plugged it back in. She leaned back out from the hood and said "ok go ahead" and boom, it started right up. It was the funniest thing ever. She gracefully wiped her hands together and said "go get it home" and climbed into her car and left. The guys seemed to have a real respect for her like she was the boss and knew the most. It was pretty interesting.
        I stayed there a while then took off walking to try and find a church or something just past the town. A truck with two girls and a guy driving stopped along side of me and the girl said "hey! What's up?" I said hey. She asked where I was going. I told them walking towards Madison. She asked if I wanted to go play basketball with them. I said I would but I needed to walk a little longer before it was too dark. They offered to give me a ride but I told them I was trying to walk the whole way. They said oh ok. Good luck. I said thanks and they took off. 
      About a mile later I found a park on the side of the road that had a bunch of trees with grass between them. It looked like a nice clear place to stay and like it wasn't too thick for many animals. I ended up pulling off there and making a bed hidden behind the trees. It was soft and quiet. I was happy with the spot and figured it would provide a good nights rest. I made my bed and laid down. Right away the mesquitos were on me and I remembered the old man gave me bug repellant. So I sprayed it on and it was awesome watching the mesquitos almost land on my arms but at the last second fly off from the scent. I was so pumped and felt like I won a 10 day battle now. I couldn't get my Internet to work and hoped it was just the area I was in and that nothing was wrong with it. I tried over and over but it didn't work. I figured oh well and il try it tomorrow down the road. I threw a playlist on my iPod and passed out as it was pretty comfy.

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