Day 5

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Day 5 was a bit of a lost day. I felt like absolute donkey terds when I woke up. My cough was worse. I was dizzy and light headed. It was a real test in my strength physically and mentally to keep myself focused. I was so down and feeling like giving up already! Wasn't cool.
        Even though I had no medicine I figured I would try and give myself the best chance to heal. I know my body is always fighting sickness so if I took good care of my body for the day and let it rest to focus on healing I might feel better.
      I started by taking my vitamins, which I should do everyday, I just forget. So I took those, then jasmine had left 3 cup of soups with me when she left. So I poured water into one and let it sit in the sun to let the noodles soak the water. I ate some of the dinner bread left over from the steak sandwich jasmines mom gave me. Then I had the cold soup. I stayed in the shade all day and got as much rest as possible taking naps all day long.
    At around 4 or so I made another soup and ate it too. So I at least was resting and had food to support my body in fighting off whatever I was dealing with. I laid there all day alone and was fighting my mind from being negative the whole day.
    At night I laid there looking at the stars and after the whole day of feeling worthless and down I had a moment of clarity. These stars looked beautiful. This was the life, camping under stars and just enjoying nature. I fell asleep with that thought and slept like a baby all night.

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Joe said...

yes, clarity. I like this day.