Day 2

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I was women up by a flashlight in my eyes at around 4 or 5 am. I was blinded and couldn't see anything but the light. It shined towards me for a few moments then it was clicked off. Then I saw next to me 2 cops standing next to 2 cop cars. I stated towards them but never moved at all besides my eyes opening. They were far enough away that I'm sure they couldn't see my eyes open. I though for sure I would be kicked out. But then the cops just stood there talking to each other and didn't come towards me. I was confused. They talked for about half an hour as I laid awake waiting to see what would happen. Nothing did. They eventually got into their cars and took off. I was a little shocked that they never came over to me but relieved as well. I went back to sleep.
      When I woke up I took my time packing up and getting ready for the day. I brushed my teeth and took my vitamins and geared up. I made a sign to put on my pack about what I am attempting in hopes of getting some support or food/water. I headed out for the 13 mile track I had mapped out for the day.
      I walked about 3 miles and was becoming very thirsty. At this point I still don't have anything to hold water so I need to make frequent stops during my walks as of now. I was almost to a Starbucks where I would stop and drink some water. As I approached the Starbucks I began to feel sick. My stomach was turning and I started to feel light headed. I stopped for an early break in the ac and drink plenty of waters at the Starbucks.
        After a couple hours or so I felt much better and hit the road again. I walked all the way downtown and across a bridge. As I crossed the bridge it was really beautiful. I passed a few people at my walking pace. Half way across the bridge I stopped to enjoy the scenery and the city lights. Just then a girl name jasmine came up behind me. She saw my sign and was very curious about my journey. She asked many questions and wanted to know all about it.
      I told jasmine I need to keep moving and she asked if she could walk with me. Just then a guy on a bike pulled up behind us and asked where I was going. I said I'm trying to get to California. He was all pumped up and said that's where he is heading. He talked pretty rapidly and was really exited. Also his eyes had a look like he was possibly on meth. But I couldn't know for sure. He was saying something and in the middle of the sentence he put up his knuckles and lined them up. He had a tattoo along his knuckles that said dirt-poor. He was so pumped and happy to show me that. He said he is suing his insurance company and heading to California to open up a marijuana dispensary. He said he wanted to hire me to work for him because I'm homeless tough. I laughed. He gave me his number and said to call him in 2 days to plan out our business. Then he rode his bike off like a rocket, which made me think even more he was high on meth.
      Me and jasmine walked west. About a mile into walking and talking she asked if she could walk the whole way I was going and stay the night homeless. She wanted to try it for a night just to be sporadic and do something crazy. Plus she said I was the most normal homeless person she had met and trusted me. So I said no problem.
        We walked and got to a little Caesars which was our destination. I went out back to see if they threw out any hot n ready pizzas but didn't find anything. So I had not eaten the whole day and was starving. I didn't want to say that to jasmine because I felt guilty and like she would think I was hinting at her to buy me food. So I just decided I would try to find food tomorrow.
        We headed across the street where there was a park. It was a good place to stay the night an there wasnt much traffic or houses around it. So I laid out my tarp and opened my sleeping bag all the way so we could both lay down. We were both pretty tired so we laid down. 20 minutes later we were both getting eaten by mesquites so we ended up throwing the tarp over us to try and keep the bugs off.
      (during the span of writing this entry today I have been kicked out of 3 different places, just thought I'd let u know)
      So the tarp actually worked and kept the mesquites off. We talked for a while. I knew jasmine was in for a long night. She started asking if we might get robbed or if someone would come along and disturb us. It made me laugh at how nervous she was. Out off all the places I've stayed on the streets this was one of the safest, I told her that. Then we both eventually dozed off.

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