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As soon as I opened my eyes everything was illuminated and bright. Not bright like hurting your eyes, but a bright like when colors are enhanced and everything is extremely clear. I rolled my homeless ass right out of my sleeping bag and stood up.
       Everything just seemed so relaxed about the beach there. I knew it was gonna be hard to leave and hit the street from here on. I walked out to the water and walked into about 6 inches deep of the Atlantic ocean and just enjoyed it for a while.
        After saying my farewell to the water and realizing I had to take a massive dump, I decided it was time to pack up and head out. So I tried to fling most of the sand off all of my gear and packed up. Stepping away from the beach was a little sad. It is just so pretty and one of the things I have grown to appreciate in the past year of slowing my grind of life down. I walked off and took one last glance at the water.
        Then it was time to get serious, where is a toilet? I walked down the little beach streets and among all the cool places down on Atlantic st. I found myself a Starbucks to drop a Duece. I stayed at the Starbucks there to drink plenty of water, brush my teeth and used the Internet to map out my route for the day and charge my iPod/wifi device. Once I was charged up I was ready to kill half the days route before taking a break and recharging at another Starbucks.
     I threw on some Jason Aldean to start my walk. I walked about 5 miles and it was pretty hot out. I was sweaty and my ass was already a bit of a mud butt. But I kind of already know and expect that I will smell like ass for 95% of the journey so I'm just gonna have to deal with it.
      I got to the second Starbucks and ordered a few more waters and recharged the electronics. I eventually need to get a couple water bottles and probably a gallon also for the treks where there are no towns for a few days. Definitely not leaving a town for a long stretch if I don't have the proper water to keep me hydrated for the extent of the walk. I'm sure it will work out.
       I have noticed I have been coughing the last couple days. It's been sort of a whincing cough, an the last time I had that I ended up with phnuemonia so I'm gonna have to monitor that closely. That would be disastrous out here and if I have to I will take care of it if it gets worse.
     So I left after my break to finish the day off. After another 5 mile walk my feet are a little sore and feel like if I pushed it there was a tenderness on the balls of my feet that could turn into blisters. Definitely gonna pace myself around anything that will slow me down in the long run. And the first couple weeks I will get used to it and adapt where eventually I can build up to longer distances ect..
         So I finally stopped at a Dunkin donuts around 10 miles west of the coast. Happy with a nice easy day 1. I was pretty hungry an didn't eat all day. And as much as I really don't want to dumpster dive I know I'm going to have to get into it for this trip to survive. It was really hard to convince myself I need to but If I'm gonna stay alive in this challenge im going to have to. So I told myself I will only consider eating something if it looks somewhat sanitary and fresh, which is probably a hard find in a dumpster. I finally ballsed up and looked in. I was pretty lucky that right on top there were a bag with donut holes in it and nothing else. So I grabbed it. After looking at it and smelling it for about 10 minutes and honestly wanting nothing to do with it I just said screw it and went for it. It was mentally tough and just the fact that it was thrown out made me gag a few times. But after eating a few I realized they were fine. I pretended to be on fear factor for the first few then after that I imagined the world ended and it was complete survival and that made it easier haha.
       So after the dumpster dive I looked around for a place to make a bed for the night. Next to dunkin donuts there was an auto part store where it was pretty dead and empty. I went behind the building and made my bed on the concrete. I was pretty tired so I laid down and tried to get as comfortable as possible. When I lay down to sleep I wrap one of my backpack straps around my forearm and hold a flathead screwdriver in my hand incase anything were to happen. (I found the screwdriver in my backpack left in there from having it at the motocross races). I surprisingly went right to sleep.
      I slept for about 3 hours when I was abruptly woken up by thunder. I lifted my head and lightning struck and about 30ft away from me in the light from the lightning I saw 2 all black cats standing there looking at me. Pretty weird and freaky. I stayed up and watched the lighting for a while, I love that stuff. While sitting up and watching out of nowhere it went from completely dry to dumping rain! Luckily next to me there was an overhang where I moved my stuff to so I would stay dry. I stayed awake an hour or so to watch the storm (I remember doing that as a kid and loving to watch lightening). After the storm settled down I crawled back into my sleeping bag and shut my eyes.
        About 30 minutes later I woke up again hearing yelling. I looked up and saw 2 guys across the parking lot walking around at a fast pace and yelling. Not sure if they were upset but maybe just on a little meth and using there outdoor meth voices. I really hoped they didn't see me laying there. I always prefer to be hidden from anyone so there's a less change of an incident. The meth heads moved on and I laid back down and fell asleep. Pretty weird night.

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