Day 3 started out to be a really tough day. I was starving from not eating anything but 10 thrown away donut holes in the last 2 days and the last 30 miles of walking or so. When I woke up I just really felt like a worthless person with no hope. What am I doing? Where am I? And what the hell have I got myself into?
    I slowly got up and walked over to a bench nearby before even packing up or anything. Jasmine ( the girl who walked with me from the day before ) had left early in the morning. She woke me up and said she had to go to court and took off. It was a little bizarre meeting her and having her stay with me. I sat on the bench and realized if something were gonna pick me up I needed to pray and ask for some help and guidance. I sat there in misery and said a long prayer. I asked for food, water, and a lot of help to get me moving and making this challenge even close to possible. After a long prayer and sitting there in deep thought I knew what I needed to do.
      I packed up and headed back down the street to a Winn Dixie (groceries store). I couldn't go any further until I had enough supplies to get me through the next long stretch between towns with potentially getting more supplies, which was about 25 miles.
      I first went behind the store to the dumpster and found some cardboard to make a sign on. I wrote out on the sign "on a journey, food or water". I took some time and went over the words with a marker to make it more visible. When the sign was ready I went to the front and sat near the entrance. I didn't say a word and was honestly embarrassed too much to make eye contact. But I knew I needed to eat and I might get some help.
    About 10 minutes after I sat a manager came out and let me know I had to leave. It was policy. I stood up and said no problem, and walked off. I crossed the parking lot where there was a laundromat. I could plug my stuff in there to use Internet. And while I was there I could think of what else to do. I was out of ideas and really had just about lost hope. That was the only store around really. What else would be possible?... Then just as I sat down inside the laundromat I turned and there was a little black boy following close behind me. He had a bag full of groceries and say it right at my feet. He looked about 8 or 9. I was so moved and relieved to have help. I didn't know what to say because I didn't expect it at all. After he sat the bag at my feet he gave me a little half smile then turned and walked away and out of the laundromat. He never said a word. I had a huge smile and just looked at the bag for a while before even exploring it. It was just the right thing at the right time.
      I spent about 10 more minutes there before the laundromat attendant kicked me out. I walked out happily with my bag of snacks and drinks ( bag of potato chips, banana, 2 cans of chicken Vienna sausage, a Gatorade and a water). I walked past a subway where behind it a guy was taking a break. He asked where I was going and so I told him. He thought it was really cool and ballsy of me. He also offered me a ride to the next town but I told him I am trying to walk the whole way. He then said he wanted to help and to come back in an hour when his manager leaves and he could give me a free sandwich. I was pumped and said il be there for sure.
    All of a sudden my luck was turning and it seemed my prayers were heard and are now being answered. I went and sat across the street on some grass in the shade. After 5 minutes I was kicked off there as it was part of a daycare where kids were. I told the man who came out I was sorry and I didn't know. He said no problem and thanks.
      So I went to another grass spot where there was shade in front of a tire shop. I was sitting there where I checked my emails and jasmine had sent a message saying her and her mom were looking for me. I told her I would be at subway in an hour.
    As I walked back to subway they were there parked int the parking lot. Jasmines mom jumped out and gave me a big hug and though what I was doing was amazing. She handed me a sandwich from a Texas steakhouse they brought me and also said she wanted to get me a few things. She had an idea of a cart I could pull behind me to take weight off my back. I thought that was a great idea. She said she would be back and was going to get one and some water gallons for me also. She took off and me and jasmine went into subway.
    Jasmine said she was gonna try and walk with me for about 4 days. I told her no problem as long as she could hang. We were sitting in subway and the guy there made me a sandwich and also gave be 2 waters and a bag of chips. Then jasmines mom had returned with a cart and 2 gallons of water in it. All in about 2 hours I went from nothing, to 5 waters, a Gatorade, a steak sandwich with side bread, a subway sandwich, 2 bags of chips, and 2 cans of sausage. It was pretty cool (I ate the banana at the laundromat)
        I decided I would eat the steak sandwich at subway and had the guy make my sandwich so it would last overnight. It was just chicken and cheese. So after I ate the steak sand. I was actually supplied enough to take off. Jasmines mom left, and me and jasmine headed out.
    I was a little confused as jasmine had no gear whatsoever and was wearing flip flops. But I was unprepared too so I didn't think much of it. We ended up walking about 10 miles along 90 until we found a church in a little town called Hickman. It seemed a safe place to stay so I told her we would make up a little camp somewhere out of sight.
      I was tired and wanted to have a good next day to get about 15 miles to the next town. So we made camp and I laid down to try and sleep. It was about 10:30pm. Jasmine didn't have gear so I had to sacrifice some comfort to giver her a spot to lay down. I didn't mind though since her and her mom really hooked me up. I opened the sleeping bag all the way and she laid on one side and I laid on the other. Then we had the tarp over us as a blanket.

    After about 20 minutes jasmine said she was tired and thought she would try and hitchhike back to jacksonville. It was pretty random and kinda funny. So I got up and said farewell to her. She took off and I told her to message me when she made it back, and to be safe. Meeting her was sooo weird, cool but weird... I closed my sleeping bag and passed out with it all to myself.