Day 14

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When I woke up on day 14 I was relieved. Sleeping near a cemetery was a creepy thing and being able to get rest was lucky. I got up and was ready to get out of there. I plugged my chargers in while I packed, washed up, and filled my waters. When I was done I headed out. 
        I started west on 90 at about 10:30. It was pretty hot already and humid as hell. I walked about 5 miles then decided to take a 20 minute break under some shade trees. I used the Internet there and drank water. After 20 minutes I got up and kept going. 
        I figured I would walk to the half way point and around the 10th mile for the day stop for an hour or so for a break and to miss the hottest part of the day. Usually from 3 to 4 il try to break. As I walked the next stretch I began thinking about my life. I am 25, and have no clue where my life is or where it's going. A year ago I had a life of success and I was moving up. Had a good career job, had a new truck, new dirt bike, credit was amazing, and rented a nice home to myself. I was getting ready to look into buying a home and settling down. But something happened to me. I went through a bad relationship, I was not happy at work, and my heart was lost. I lost myself in the grind of life and was down in the dumps. I tried church, counseling, and pretty much every medication out there. Nothing was helping. I didn't know what to do but I knew I needed to find something big. I didn't know where to look or what to do, but I knew I couldn't keep living my life when I didn't love myself or anything really in life. That's when I just one day walked away from everything. I decided life is not worth living if I can't even enjoy it. I left with nothing and have been homeless ever since on a search for myself. I have lived the last year with no direction and it has been tough. I'm still skilled and have a good work ethic, but when I don't have my heart in the right place it means nothing to me.
        So as I thought about all this it really began to get me down. Where am I going from this point? What is after this journey? Will I find myself along the way. I honestly, sad to say, have very little hope. I don't want people to feel sorry for me or anything. It's just my own thoughts. I'm on a search and it's hard when I can't be sure of what I'm looking for. Or even if I found it and maybe I don't realize it. I feel good in certain moments but am usually numb to most feelings. And I only feel these good moments when I'm at a place of turmoil. A place so bad that it forces me to feel good when something blesses me and helps me survive. I wish I knew how to appreciate things more in a normal life but I always seem to take them for granted. I'm just very lost in this world and I can't keep trying everything everyone tells me to try. I've tried that and it's not me, it's not real. I'm out here on my own to find something. If there's something for me to learn god knows I'm desperate out here to find it. And if he has something he will show me my own truth.
        So walking on that stretch until 3 was getting me down a little. I stopped at 3 next to the highway in the middle of nowhere where there was nothing. I laid my jacket down on the side of a slope and laid down on it to take a nap. I knocked out for an hour. When I woke up I turned my head as I noticed someone walking along the highway. I was confused and I never see anyone walking unless it's in a town. It was out of place. I rubbed my eyes and looke again. It was a tall black man who was very built and dressed in all black workout gear. He had headphones and a black pull over windbreaker. He was directly in front of me when he pulled his headphones off and said "you homeless?". I said yeahh... He walked over to me and said, "you look young". He shook my hand and said his name (corey fuller) and We started talking.  He pulled a $20 bill out. He asked what I was doing and I told him. He was shocked! He said that was quite a journey and that he was only walking 3 miles. He was the football coach just up the road and was a former NFL football player. When he said that I knew the name sounded familiar an remembered I used to have one of his football cards. 
        He gave me his email and wanted to give me his phone number (I don't have a phone so I said I couldn't call anyways). So we exchanged emails and he said to contact him everyday to let him know how I am. I got a video of him also that is on my twitter @hobo_nick he said a lot of kind words and it was pretty inspiring to have his support and encouragement. Before he left he said he was going to spread the word and to keep him posted everyday. He took off.
          After that I packed up and after drinking more water I took off to the next town up, Quincy fl. I walked towards the town. Just as I approached the town there was 4 black men in front of a house just off the highway. They waved to me and asked if I wanted a cold drink. They looked friendly so I walked over and they gave me a cold powerade. They were good folks and looked like they just got off work. Well 2 of them, the other two were old men. They asked where I was headed and flipped out when I told them. They were pretty funny and had a bunch of questions. The oldest one kept trying to give me directions even after I told him 10 times I had gps. He was hammered. 
        After I left from there I got into Quincy. I looked for a place to charge my things as they were about dead. By this time it was already dark. I ended up stopping in front of a grocery store where I found an outlet. I Skyped with my mom there and let my things charge. After I left I went down the highway further when there was a feild on the side of the road. I decided to walk in and pitch my tent behind some trees in the feild. It was a pain doing it in the dark bit I figured it out. I put all my things in the tent and zipped it up. It was nice to be away from the bugs in there and sprawled out and comfortable. I laid down to sleep and Skype one of my best friends Daniel for a bit, then I passed out.

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