Day 13

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Today I woke up between the two sheds in Tallahassee. The concrete is hard and my hips hurt from sleeping on my sides. When I woke up I laid there for a while like I usually do. Being a unemployed hobo has a pretty laid back sleep schedule. As I laid there a couple cars pulled up and parked right along the shed. I heard some people get out and walk into the building. I hoped they wouldn't move the garbage cans and find a hobo behind them. 
        After they were inside a while I I packed up my things. I headed across the street to a McDonald's where I saw a sign on the window for a hash brown and a sausage mcmuffin for $1. So I went in to use the wifi and chargers and got that deal so I was at least a customer while I say there a while to use the wifi. The food tastes amazing! I only get hot food very seldom out her and it's a huge difference. I stayed a while there. Before I left I filled my waters.
        After that just across from there I went to a Walmart to see about a few things. I had still 72 dollars and needed a tent and possibly couple other things. I went in and they were out of single man tents which are 22.99. I was a little bummed. I ended up getting some anti inflammatory pills for the back of my knees which have been really sore. I spent $4 on those an took them as soon as I got outside. I also stretched a little and then took off walking. 
        The walk was rolling hills and uphill was wearing me down. I was almost to downtown. A man pulled up at a stop light and was yelling at me through the window. He had a bag and threw it to me. The light was green so he took off and I never did catch a word he said. The bag was full of new socks. I have 2 pairs but figured I better at least take a couple from the bag too. If not and later I needed them I would feel stupid.
          I made it downtown and came up to the Florida state campus. It was really cool. There were a lot of students all over the place and it was refreshing to see so many beautiful girls. I probably looked like a creeper to them but that's ok. I ended up stopping at a nice shaded spot with benches for a break. It was so nice I ended up laying on a bench using my jacket as a pillow and knocked out for an hour nap. It felt great.
        When I woke up it was 4. I continued walking. A ways up two students on bikes passed me and then turned around. They had a bag and handed it to me. It was a small bag of combos snacks. I said thank you and they rode off. I snacked on those as I walked. 
          At the edge of town at about 6:30 I stopped at a thrift store where I wanted to by a light colored shirt. My 2 shirts are black and get Hott in the sun. I went in and an older black man helped me out. I got a white shirt and when I went to pay he said 50 cents. I don't know why but I grabbed 4 quarters and gave him a dollar. He gave me 2 back and said its just 50 cents. Then I said thanks for being honest. He told me not to thank him for doing what he's supposed to do. He asked where I was going and I told him. He said he had done something similar as a young man. When he returned from Vietnam he traveled too. He said that there will be many things to learn on a journey. He learned that he is a selfish man, and that he needed to be ok with that in order to love himself so that he could love others too. He had a real cool perspective on things and I really enjoyed his words. He told me to go in peace and peace will be with me. He asked me a question, he asked if a tragedy sparked this. And deep down the way he asked and just the real person he was, it made me realize that it was something tragic that caused my to originally change my life. My life literally changed in a matter of moments and it is safe to say that it is probably the start to the change I went through to bring me to this point. It opened up my mind and made something clear to me. Something I would think about the rest of the night...
          When I left I was very happy that I met Marvin. He put a light on me that I believe was needed. I believe I went there for a reason and met Marvin for a purpose. As I walked on I had a lot on my mind.
        I walked a ways further and saw another Walmart. I went in and they had the single man tents there. So I ended up picking one up. I didn't like that it was orange, but I need one for the woods and it will make traveling easier so I got it anyways.
        I went down the road and finally got to the church I was looking for. When I got there I wasn't happy to see there was a cemetery around it on both sides and the back. It was pretty creepy and I didn't want to stay anywhere near something like this the entire trip. The road around there was full of houses though and there was nowhere else to stay. I didn't like it at all but I would have to bite the bullet and sleep there. I found some bushes beside the church about 50ft away from the headstones where I made my bed. I laid there and said some prayers about staying there. I prayed to god to watch over and protect me, and also that I wish all the souls around me where I sleep tonight rest in peace and forgive me for resting there that night. It was really weird but it honestly made me more comfortable. I fell asleep around midnight. 

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