Day 4

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On day 4 when I woke up it was about 10am. I know that's pretty late, and for sleeping on concrete. But I've been known to sleep through some gnarly things and conditions. I got up and packed up. Just as I finished packing it began to rain. It went from sprinkle to down poor in about a minute. There was a little overhang over a door and it was just big enough to fit me and my cart and pack under without getting wet. So I sat there as it rained. After 30 minutes of downpour I dozed off sitting there. When I woke up it was around 11:30 and looked like it just stopped raining. I ate half of my subway sandwich and a little bag of potato chips from subway also before I began walking.
    I jumped back on the 90 and headed west. The shoulder was small so the cars were close when they passed me. It was a little scary but I got used to it.
      I stopped about half way at a nice clearing and thought I would take a break on the railroad tracks. I ate the other half of the subway and drank plenty of water. I was in a good mood and felt like the day was positive. I say there about 30 minutes then moved on.
      After dark I had gone about 15 miles and I began coughing frequently. It actually got so bad at one point that I sat on a guardrail and was coughing so hard I could barely breath. I wasn't feeling good at all and knew I needed to rest ASAP. So I looked for a place to camp but both sides were too thick with trees so I kept walking.
      Finally I found a clearing at around the 16th mile of the day near macclenny where I crawled up a slope under a tree and coughed for an hour straight. I was worried it might be something bad I was getting so I prayed to keep me healthy and get past it.
      I made my bed slowly with no energy and feeling dizzy. I laid down and drank plenty of water and barely slept all night.

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