Day 146, August 27, 2012

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  I woke up from a golf cart rolling by in the rocks. A lady in an orange vest said "you need to get up and move on". I said "ok, no worries. Il be out of here shortly".
       I got up after she drove off and packed up. It was about 9am. I headed over to the bathroom and brushed my teeth in the sink. After that I ran water over my hair and just felt the fresh feeling of it cooling my head and also onto my face while running my hands over it. Man that feels good when you don't get to do it often!
        I left there at about 9:30. I was pretty low on food and only had one canned ravioli left. After that just some old granola bars in the bottom of my pouches on my cart. So I saved the can for afternoon.
       I left there and got back on the 40. It was mostly uphill. I walked about 6 miles when I was getting really hungry. So I stopped under a bridge and cracked my last can of food. I also had an MRE left too for emergency. As I sat there and ate a man in a truck pulled over on the other side of the highway. He yelled out if I was ok or needed a ride? I said I was all good. He also asked if I needed water? I was stocked up so I said I was ok, but thanked him for stopping to check.
       I left there and got on a good roll. My knees were not hurting too much and so I picked up the pace. I had about 45 miles until flagstaff so I wanted to get about half way before sunset.
      I took another break at about the 18 miles point for the day. I sat again under a bridge for shade. It was a little warm so the shade felt cool on my skin. I was really hungry again so I ate a couple bars there.
       I left there and walked about 4 more miles and into the sunset. I had passed a creek where suddenly past it there were now trees. It went from open desert to forest just like that. I walked until it was really getting dark and then I pulled off the road. It was easier to sleep where there are trees to keep me hidden.
       So I rolled off the 40 about 30 feet and made camp behind some trees. It was dirt but was a little hard still. I was happy with being hidden, but the hard surface and loud noise of the freeway were gonna be a little inconvenient.
       When I laid down just as the sun disappeared, I was starving. I decided to eat the MRE I had so I could sleep without starving. That left me with just some bread and a few bars left. That was all the food I had left.
        I fell asleep at about 9:30 and the noise woke me up all night. I sort of slept off and on and ended up laying awake a lot of the night.



Alexander Medina said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Someone gave me something to eat nom nom nom I was happy. I was hungry. I saw someone who was hungry and gave him something to eat. he was happy nom nom nom. In kansas city, you earn 5 mints, 4 chicken wings, 3 spoons of peanut butter, 2 asparagii, and one pound of sesame seeds. I can't wait to get to kansas city!