Day 134, August 15, 2012

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I woke up around 7:30 am under a bridge about 10 miles or so east of Grants NM. I was pretty tired when I woke up and my neck was hurting worse than it had yet. I took my time getting ready and packing up.
        I hit the road around 8 or so. It was going to be a pretty easy day as I was just gonna walk the 10 miles to get to grants, and then take a half day to rest. I was ready for a little break and to let my legs heal a little.
        I got up to speed and was walking a good pace down the 40. I was making good time and I finally made it to Grants without stopping at around 11.   I was so exited to sit and rest for the rest of the day.
        I went to taco bell and sat down. I ordered some cheap food there and ended up spending about $5 for two meals through the day. I mostly wrote journals and just was goofing off on the Internet for the day. I also was looking at the route ahead and thinking of the stretch to get to Gallup NM, about 70 miles away.
          So I rested all day until about 7 when I wanted to find a spot before it was dark. I ended up walking over to the dollar tree to see what snacks I might be able to grab for cheap. I spent $4 there and got 3 cracker and tuna combos, and a canned spaghetti also.
          After that I went behind the dollar store and saw a dumpster coral that had no dumpsters in it and it looked fairly clean and hidden. So I ended up making my bed in the coral. There was just fields behind there so I felt it was an ok spot.
          I crashed out at around 9 that night and rested pretty good. I wanted to get a good jump the next morning so I was out early.


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