Day 144, August 25, 2012

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  I woke up around 7:30am. I had slept well and really felt restored a little after the last night with no sleep. I got up and got my stuff together quickly. When I looked up I noticed I had slept in some glass the night before.
       I was about 22 miles from Winslow. So I got an early jump. I was happy that my knee was feeling much better. I was at a good pace and feeling way better.
         About 8 miles in I stopped and had a can of raviolis for breakfast, with a few slices of bread. I rested about 15 minutes under an overpass in the shade, and then got back on the road.
       I walked another 8 miles or so when I was getting close to Winslow and really making good time. I stopped shortly there and had a granola bar under another bridge. I left there and wanted to get to Winslow next before stopping.
       As I approached Winslow a man on a bike came towards me on the shoulder of highway 40. It was a homeless man and he stopped. He asked where I was going? I told him CA. He was coming from Oregon and going to DC. That seems to be a popular bike route. I gave him a snack and then he started telling me about how president Obama killed his pigeon. That's when I needed to make a move before getting stuck there hearing a bunch of stories. So I told him good luck and be safe. When I walked away I saw he ripped open the peanuts I gave him and devoured them.
         Another mile up was the east exit of Winslow. I got off there and decided to hit a Denny's. I thought I had enough to get a $2 meal and then give my last dollar or so away after that. Like I usually do. So I went in, sat by an outlet and ordered the $2 biscuits and gravy. What a deal that is! When I went to pay, I realized I didn't have quite what I calculated. So with a small tip that was the last of my money.
         I left there around 5 and walked through Winslow. It was a cool town. I stopped at the corner that has a monument to the eagles for their song "take it easy". It was cool and a bunch of people stopped there to take pictures. I had someone get a shot of me.
         I walked down to a little park where I sat down for the evening and watched the sunset. And WOW! What a sight to see! It was such an amazing sunset. It really blew me away. I soaked that up and it was a great evening where I was lost in the moments of watching the sun go down.
       After it set I wheeled over to the landscape next to the park where a little hill and bushes next to a fence would keep me pretty hidden. I set up camp there as it got dark. It was right by the train tracks so that was loud here and there also.
       I fell asleep around 9:30. The surface was some rough rock and it was sloped. It wasn't the best spot as far as comfort, or noise, but I was hidden. I slept decent that night around the trains waking me up a handful of times.


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