Day 145, August 26, 2012

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 I woke up hearing the train cars bang from a train stopping. Where I slept was right next to about 8 sets of tracks. I think it was part of a train station.
      I laid there a few minutes and then heard something in the rocks. I turned around and a dog was running towards me. When it saw me it stopped and dug his feet into the rocks and ran the other way. He must have been exploring and running up to me, then when he realized it was a person he was scared. I could see over the hill people walking and the dog ran back towards them.
         I got up and started packing. A lady cruised by on an electric wheelchair right through the rocks and not too far from me. It was weird and she was pushing that thing as it struggled rolling in the layer of rocks. I wondered why she was off the path. Pretty bizarre. She said hello and asked how I slept. Then she asked if I wanted coffee. All the meantime she was bouncing around as the wheelchair was working over the rocks. I said no thanks. Then she passed and I just laughed.
         I left there finally at around 8:30. I walked through the west half of town and came to the last exit. There was a gas station that I went into and grabbed a big bundle of toilet paper before leaving there and going through the stretch before Flagstaff. I filled my water jugs there too in a sink that was next to the fountain drink dispenser. The tenant was cool about it.
          I got onto the 40 and began walking. It was a nice day and the weather was perfect. I had found a rest stop on my GPS that was about 18 miles up and that was what I was shooting for.
         I stopped about 7 miles in under a bridge and popped a can of ravioli open to eat. I really actually enjoy those and feel almost like its a luxury to me. Pretty tasty. I also use a few slices of bread to dip into the sauce so I don't waste any, have to use all my stuff out here since I need the calories.
         I left there and my knees were hurting a little. I just really took it easy and walked slow. I didn't want to push it and work my knees too hard. It was mostly uphill too which made it even more of a slow pace that I walked.
        I walked easy and got about 15 miles in when I was really hungry. So I ended up taking another break and popped another can of ravioli. I figured after that I would be good for the day and maybe have a snack before bed.
       I walked the last few miles and made it to the rest stop. It was perfect. Outlets all around, a nice restroom, and plenty of covered benches to sleep next to and be hidden. It wasn't too busy also and I was happy with the spot. It was a short day compared to what I've been walking lately. But I was happy to pace myself and also go easy on my body.
         So I hungout there next to an outlet laying on my jacket with my head against my sleeping back that was still rolled up and against the wall. I just relaxed there and people watched as cars would stop here and there to use the restroom.
        I sat there until the sunset. It was another cool sunset. After it set I went to use the restroom and there was an Indian lady set up selling stuff near the restrooms. They were cool looking necklaces and stuff and real expensive, she tried to sell me but I said not thanks. Even if I had money I'm not really into stuff like that.
        I sat there a while longer writing journals and then at about 10 I was ready to crash. I headed to the benches in the back that I hadn't seen any cars or people near all day. I made my bed up and hid my cart behind a wall keeping me out of sight. The ground were little tiny rocks that weren't too bad to lay on, they had some give and it was less pressure on my knees and hips than normal. I was happy with the spot and slept good that night. I was covered too in case of rain but it was clear anyways.


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