Day 142, August 23, 2012

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I woke up under my fort and had sort of a relaxed and cozy feeling from being in somewhat of an enclosure. Even though I was laying on concrete, it eased my mind knowing I was hidden and private. I laid there a while and just enjoyed relaxing. Knowing I was going to take the day off was nice. That also put me at ease. I didn't hurt bad as I laid there, but I knew when I stood up I would feel all the little pains in my joints and body.
       I eventually got up and it was about 8:30. I was walking tenderly and my knees, ankles, and hips felt real sore. I was ready for a day of rest.
      I was pulling the pallets off of my little fort I made and piling them up. Just as I was doing that a garbage truck pulled up near me and two guy got out to arrange some dumpsters they were unloading. The both looked at me as I was half way don't pulling my pallet fort down. It was pretty funny. Times like that I just laugh as I know I probably won't ever see them again. Plus their expression were awesome as I unwrapped my hobo cart and sleeping bag from behind/under the pallets. I would pay to hear their conversation when they drove off.
           I walked to a mcdonalds a mile and a half down the road to the west end of Holbrook AZ. I was planning to just sit and rest for the day and let my body recover a little.
          On my way to the McDonald's I saw a truck make a sudden U turn and jump on a dirt path off the side of the road and come back near me. When they were next to me a guy jumped out from the passenger side and ran over to me. He asked how I was doing? Then he said him and his mom saw me yesterday walking the 40 back east a ways. He pulled $20 out of his pocket and said him and his mother wanted to give me some money so I could eat. Wow! Complete strangers who don't know me. They wanted to help as they saw me walking. I was so happy and smiled. I thanked him so much and was seriously ecstatic. When I'm down low on money and that is something that will help me so much, I really feel a sincere and deep appreciation. To really feel that, instead of trying to feel it because I know I should, is something this walk has helped me achieve. I used to have blessings before I was homeless and I would be upset that I didn't honestly feel the appreciation. I was polite and would always say thanks. But to really feel the tingles and emotion when I can honestly be so grateful for something is priceless.
        So I walked down the road from there and got to McDonald's. I went in and ordered a breakfast burrito. I looked around for an outlet but couldn't find any. They had one but it wasn't working.
        I sat there and wrote down a list of things I needed. Then I prioritized them in order of what I could figure was most important. My list ended with the top things as follows:
-sole inserts for feet
-glucosamine pills (for my joints)
-loaf of bread
-canned food
-jolly ranchers for sweets
      I wasn't sure if the money I had would cover all of it. But I would be close. The inserts are pricy and the pills are also a pretty penny. But those are both important, especially to my hurting knees lately. There was a dollar general store next to McDonald's that I planned to get it all before I left the next morning. The $20 the guy gave me was really needed and put me to ease that I could now afford these things.
        After about an hour of sitting at McDonald's, I crossed the street to taco bell where I found an outlet. I ordered a $2 meal deal there that would be the last food purchase for the day. I sat in taco bell from about 10:30 until they closed at 9. I wrote journals and mapped out what was ahead. And just listened to music and relaxed.
         When they closed at 9 I was almost done with my journals but not quite. So I headed back across the street to McDonalds to finish at a place where I could sit down. Just as I was finishing, a swarm of kids came in and they were in football jerseys and cheer outfits. It was after the friday night game and within 10 minutes it was jammed packed with youngsters. They were crazy and screaming and hyper. It's crazy how fast the years have gone since high school. I mean, I'm still young for sure, but they seem so much younger.
         I finished my last 10 minutes of my last journal in the chaos, then snuck out of there. I went right next door where there was a closed down place that looked to have been a Resturant or fast food place before. It was pretty dark and I found a little spot in the back that was a little nook.
       I made my bed in the nook and it was about 10:15 when I laid down. I laid there an hour when I heard someone walk by. I heard foot steps in gravel. When I looked up, what seemed to be a homeless man was walking about 15 feet from me passing by. Once your seen in a spot, the feeling is definitely less comfortable. You never know If someone might be planning an ambush after you fall asleep. He didn't seem to ever turn his head and I honestly thought he didn't see me. After he passed I got up and walked out to look into my spot. It was so dark that I felt even more now that he didn't see me.
       When I laid back down, I shifted to where there was a light just shining at me from the corner of the spot I was in. Then I tucked against one side. I faced the light and closed my eyes. Then I used my hand to cover the light and it was just enough change of shade in my eyelid that it might wake me up if someone walks by the light. I sleep so light that kind of thing will wake me. I felt good then about that and focused on the shade of light coming through my eyelid as I fell asleep. I was sure if someone snuck up on me, that would wake me up. I fell asleep around 11:30 that night and had a rough night. There were a bunch of people walking by all night and I grew to not like the spot. The light idea actually woke me up twice from people passing. But I still didn't suspect anyone saw me.


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