Day 29

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  I woke up at about 2am. I heard a bunch of yelling outside of the tent I was sleeping in outside of. It was two ladies arguing with a man and they all sounded hammered. The girls yelled at the man and told him to get out of there. I stood up and peeked outside the tent. There wasn't any physical altercation so I just watched. The man was completely hammered and could barely even sit up. There wasnt any attention needed so I laid back down. 
      About 5 minutes later a cop showed up. I was worried I would get into trouble so I laud low and was silent. The cop told the two ladies and guy he had to kick them out and off the property. He said he would return 15 minutes later and if they were there he would have to deal with it. He left.
     The ladies left and cussed out the drunk during their exit. The drunk guy was talking to himself and his words were so slurred I couldn't make them out. I heard a crash into the bushes and he hit the side of the tent right next to me. I was silent and still. He crawled onto some tanbark between the tent and the bushes and finally passed out.
     I wasn't really worried about him there because he was so trashed he wouldn't be waking up for a while. I went to sleep again.
       I woke up at about 7am. I packed my things up quietly. I took a picture of the passed out dudes legs then snuck out of the tent. I walked to the north bound on ramp on I-5. I sat there about an hour with a sign that said Eugene and clean. A man pulled up and said he would take me to grants pass where there was a good exit/onramp to get to Eugene. 
       He was a cool guy who gives people lifts often. We made good conversation and he asked me to pray for him to get job interviews. He was an out of work school teacher. He dropped me off 30 miles north at grants pass in a mcdonalds parking lot. 
       I sat in mcdonalds for a few hours and used the Internet. After a while I wandered outside to a shade grass area and took a nap. I napped about an hour then went near the freeway with my sign. 
       I was there about 15 minutes when a car pulled off to pick me up. It was an older Buick. The guy inside was dressed nice and had a briefcase. He said he could take me to Eugene. So we took off driving. We started talking about my trip and we hit it off. He was a cool guy and we shared similar thoughts. We talked about faith a while and he told me some of his stories. It was cool
       I eventually asked what he did for work. He said he was the CEO/president of online auction which is the biggest auction site right behind eBay. I sorta thought he was full of it at first until a business call came in. He took a conference call on speaker phone and I couldn't believe my ears. I have never hears numbers that big thrown around like nothing. They were talking 100's of millions and I could tell this guy was big money.
      I was a little confused why he drive an older car but it was actually a lot car from one of his dealerships. He also owned a Hotel and multiple houses around the area. We talked about how money won't make you happy and he told me a really humbling story about what he went through that taught him a lesson. 
        When we neared Oregon Chris said he could tell I was a good dude. He said he hardly ever picks up hitchhikers but he loves my sign. He offered me to stay at one of his houses in Eugene for a few days if I wanted to. I laughed and said thanks. He said he was happy to help me. Then he said he had something else to talk about. He said he really sensed that I was a good dude and he actually had a job opening that he offered to me working for online auction. He said he felt a good vibe with me and that he needs a good guy working there for him. I was seriously shocked. I was literally bathing in a creek a day before and now I was offered a job where I could make good money. He said that the potential to make big money is there if I would work hard. I didn't even know how to feel about it. 
       I said I don't know how I feel about it and he said don't think too much about it. He would take me to the office and have his guys talk to me about the job the next day. I was really taken back. I told him I would for sure check it out and see what it had to offer. But something felt weird and I was just really in prepared to run into something like this. So he said he would pick me up in the morning and talk about it then. 
       I got to the house where he had another friend of his staying there. He had recently got out of jail and he was helping him out and had given him a job at a car dealership. The house was big and empty. There was a big online auction semi next to it and a bunch of trailers and stuff stored on the property there too. 
      I got to the house and was just shocked. Couldn't believe he picked me up and offered me a house to stay in and a job! It was really exiting. I called my family and friends from the guys phone who stayed there (Brian). I talked to a handful of people then I decided to get to bed and rest for the next day. I laid out in a big empty room and was so exited I couldn't hardly sleep. I tossed and turned all night.


Anonymous said...

I knew when I met you, you were and are destined for something great. Just keep listening Nick, God has a great plan for you. Take care

Pattie Nix

snakedaddy said...

Hi Nick,

You don't know me but I am an friend of the Blair Family, my son Vincent used to race mx with Vincent Blair when they were on minis. We raced everywhere from Hollister, to Ponca, to World Minis.

I have been following your blog and find it very interesting. Kinda funny how one day your sleeping in a park and the next day your being offered a job with a big corporation. Probably asking yourself what you should do and all I can think of is what you already know... Pray on it and God will guide you and your heart in the right direction. Either way, as long as you have god with you, you can't go wrong. Good luck to you and most of all God Bless

Vince Guisande

court said...

that's crazy that a billionaire picked you up and offered you a job! haha have fun and be safe as you have more adventures!

Anonymous said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude wow!!! awesome news... what are u doin with it!??? sendin love ur way bro!


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