21 day reflection

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              21 day reflection

       So I have actually been out on the streets for over 3 weeks now. It has been a journey let me tell you. The dark and scary place I thought the streets would be has actually been a light in my life that I never could have imagined. Granted, I have been in nicer towns and haven't had too many scary encounters which I know are out there. But living in different places every night has not been nearly as scary as I thought. And in fact my sleeping habits are surprisingly better than when I was dealing with stress and the daily grind of society. Never expected that. 
         Being out here has been a real eye opener and has opened my mind so much. The lessons I have learned are invaluable and will last me a lifetime. I've learned to give, and you will receive in return. I have learned NOT to judge a book by it's cover. And most importantly you can find true happiness with hardly nothing. It really has been crazy out here in a good way more than bad. Taking the time to talk to people I would normally judge and avoid has proven to be very rewarding. I have heard some of the most real stories and truths out here from people who have been through some $hit! And have made their way through it with the grace of god. 
         I left walking north with no money at all and just a few snacks. I have never not once asked for money or food or anything. It has been given to me through people who have been amazing supporters of my sacrifices to seek something real. I am very stubborn by nature and even my stubborn mind has opened and is transforming into something great. I'm not a cocky person, but I am proud of the things I have learned and I know they are giving me what I seek. 
        It has been awesome out here. It's like those really awesome chills you get when something miraculous happens are seriously happening to me daily. Not drinking or drug induced, all natural. If somebody told me a year ago that they knew I wasnt happy. Even with all the nice things I had and good job I had. Then they said not to worry because in a year I would have non of it, but would be truly happy as a homeless man eating thrown out food by a dumpster, I would have slapped the $hit out of them. But i am happy and it's true, and I still am in shock that it is true. Real talk.
       So this journey is almost like a reward to me for being able to let go of that life and follow what my heart wanted (seek truth and happiness). Do I want to do this forever, no. But I feel like this is what I need in order to live the life I want to in my future. And i will be prepared to raise a family soon. I feel like I don't carry fear anymore. I can do things without worrying and knowing I can always be happy even with the slightest of fortune. That is something I needed to live in order to believe. And now I feel like I've been set free. I have more trust now and less fear. Even when I fall asleep behind buildings on cardboard with homeless people. This doesn't mean something bad can never happen to me, I know that's not true. But I would rather not always fear that possibility. And instead trust that whatever happens is for a reason. If I die tonight, I will die a happy man who found something my heart took me to. That has been something so important to me and is worth a life. I can't even wait to experience my trip to Japan to see what's in store for me. I hope to bring a light there and lift spirits however I can. 
      I'm happy to have kept in touch with many of the amazing supporters and friends I've met along the journey. Trung fromfairfield has actually started a blog of his own which is pretty cool. And Jenny, also from Fairfield will spend 4 or 5 days staying with my family and will get to see California before she leaves. She will also get to be at one of my family partys to meet the amazing family I have.
       This journey has brought a lot of spiritual people into my path. People who have been down a road like mine and have shared stories of the faith that saved them. I have also found part of myself. I have found that helping and inspiring people makes me feel real and I love everything about it. Now I don't think I have answers for anyone, but just sharing my story can show others that there is hope, for everyone. I don't think living homeless is others answer, it might be mine but not everyones. I just needed this to humble myself and seek what was important for me. It was just the path I took that is leading me to life. I love real people and their brutally honest 
Thoughts. No matter your skin color, or faith or religion. I just love TRUTH! 
       Thanks to everyone who has helped this journey turn into what it is. I really love all the support and encouragement daily. And for those who have me in their prayers thank you too. 

For anyone who would like to donate to nicks journey to japan, you can send donations to 2600 loquat ave. Patterson, CA 95363 


jan said...

Nick, could you imagine what this world would be like if people would just accept each other and be honest!? Put giving before getting, and realize that we are all on this planet together so let's just be nice to each other! Good Lord...it would be heaven on earth. I am so so glad your doing this and finding yourself in the process....seriously! To find your place in this world and be content is truly a blessing...xoxo

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it to Oregon safely!-Bernadette

andi said...

I would like the link to Trang's blog. I tried googling and found nothing.