Day 164, September 14, 2012

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  It was pretty early and the sun was just up when I opened my eyes. I still felt really good and was extremely relieved at that. I was so thankful that my mind was still good and I really think the breakdown I had the day before helped me a lot. Plus all the people who brought me hope kept me stable.
       I stood up and tested my knees again. They were feeling pretty rough today and I felt like they did a fair amount of work yesterday for the condition they were in. They hurt a fair amount and felt a little weak. I was now feeling closer to 29 palms. I guessed I had maybe 49 miles or so to go. I decided to try and get around 15-17 miles in for the day.

       I packed up and was in a pretty good state of mind. I stretched out more today since I was up early and I just felt all around better.  I felt much better after stretching and could really feel the benefit of loosening up. I took off down the road and I was feeling revitalized.
       I headed west now along 62 and was doing much better. I had more water and everything was adding up now. I was still moving pretty slow and keeping close tabs on my knees. But it was night and day from 24 hours ago. I snacked on trail mix as I walked to keep calories in me. I still didn't have much of an appetite, but I knew it helped me with energy.
      I walked a slow 4-5 miles when I stopped for a break. I was climbing a steady grade and was sweating a lot when I stopped. It was warm and I needed water. I guzzled down more than I liked, but I couldn't afford any more deficiencies. I just had hope that if I stay as healthy as I can now it will work out. Yes, I know I constantly change my game plan and strategy, but I just go with what I feel in the moment and trust it. That's all I can do.
       After stopping for about 20 minutes I took off again. I was starting to worry about the outside world worrying about me. Especially my mom. I was thinking it might be getting to the point where people may worry a lot. It's been 4 days now. I thought I would try and use a phone if someone else pulls off. I wonder if they even have service through here?
       I walked another 5 miles or so when I was ready for a long break. I stopped under a bush that looked exactly like the last 2 I stopped at from yesterday. It was pretty bizarre. The only thing that looked different were the mountains way off on the horizon. But as I sat down it was a bit of a mental game as I felt like it was on repeat and I hadn't moved.
       As I sat there an old classic car came rolling up and pulled off right across the street from me. Two old men got out and were looking at the motor. They hadn't noticed me yet but I decided to walk over to them and see if they had phone signal. As I walked over there another classic car pulled off behind them. They were all buddies. I walked over and said hello as they were checking the fuse box and replacing fuses. They asked if I was ok and I said yes. I asked if they had a cell phone I could borrow. They did but they had no signal. I had an idea, I asked if I could give the guy my moms cell number and have him call her when he had signal again. He was really friendly and said no problem. He put her number in and I felt much better. They were headed to hunnington beach, also my destination.
      They offered me a cold water and then fired their cars up to take off. I waved and said thanks as they drove off. That worked out well and my mom would soon be notified that I was ok and not to worry. That was the message I asked him to relay. Of course that would not tell the real struggles I had been going through. But none the less, it would keep everyone from worrying.
      I left from there after resting in the heat wave of the day. I kept moving to tuck into the shade of the bush, but I managed to stay somewhat cool I guess considering the elements around me. I drank a fair amount of water and took off again.
      It was still pretty hot and I was still going up a slight climb. I was drinking water at a faster rate now and was hoping it would cool off soon.
       I walked another 4 miles or so when I stopped for another break before one last stretch. I sat down behind a pretty large bush actually. The shade was much cooler and the sun was starting to dip down to the mountain tops. The silence was still a powerful thing. Hearing the ring in my ears brought me back to the day before and how scary it was. I honestly was still not in the best condition now, but I really had let myself get too far down and malnurished. I didn't feel like drinking and eating when I should have. I wasn't gonna let that happen again. Still had no appetite and felt a little sick but I was way beyond where I was from the morning before. Wayyyy beyond..
The sun dropped down and I was ready to get the last couple miles in. I stretched out for a few minutes as I had tightened up from resting. I took off walking now very tenderly. I slowly made the last 2 miles of so and then pulled off the road.
       I stopped in another wash about 50 feet off the road and found a bush to hide behind. As long as I'm out of sight I am ok out here. It was becoming more thick with bushes now and it was nice not to have to hike too far off the highway. The soft sand is a mission to push my cart and walk through.
I made camp up there and overall was happy I met my goal for the day. One step closer to 29 palms. I imagined getting to the town soon and it really got me excited. I couldn't wait to have air conditioning and some hot food and cold drink! I would give so much for that right about now! And people around would also make my mind relax a little too. I knew this was another step to appreciating life more. I am so far removed that I see how great we have it on the other side. I look forward to things I never knew I even liked. I fell asleep after sunset and hoped that my hope would stay elevated for the next couple days. I also imagined how good my mom felt now as she knew I was fine. And how she could answer to everyone else that is worried too. Let them know I'm well.


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Hey Nick,
Your blogs have interested me so much that I created a google map of your walk based on your daily blogs.
Check it out: "".
I'll keep adding your daily locations to the map as you keep us updated.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.