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This is a picture of Chris buying a car Howard Hughes built custom. He is closest to us in the picture. He bought the car for a million and recently had it appraised for 3.5 million.

         So I worked at the car dealership for the rest of my week stay there. I stayed at the house a while and actually stayed outside at other random places a few days to let Brian and Mary hangout alone at the house. 
      Mary was being kicked out of her apartment and splitting up from her abusive boyfriend ( who she also had a kid with ). So she was staying with Brian at the house until she could figure things out. I was a little shocked that Brian allowed that but that's his own business. 
       Meanwhile during the day I would ride with Brian to the car lot to help out. He was a sales man there. When I was at the car lot I would wash cars, load and unload trailers, and move things around. I didn't want to work hard all day because I wasn't getting paid much by Chris. He just basically said to help out here and there when I could and he would let me stay the week at the house and give me a $20 here and there. So I helped out for what I figures was fair.
       The manager of the car lot was a pretty shady guy who was doing shady business to buyers. The salesman who worked there really didn't like the way he ran the place and how he treated them. And eventually he tried to drive me to work non stop. I was not having it and wouldn't be taken advantage of. So he kept getting on me to go wash more cars and I eventually let him know of the agreement me and Chris had. He got upset and tried to tell me I can't just stay at the lot and sit around half the day on the Internet. So that really upset me and I went off on the guy. I let him have a piece of my mind and it pissed him off. I was really pissed.
       That night Chris came to the house and apologized to me about the situation. He said his manager can get like that and try to take advantage of people. I told him it upset me and I didn't like the way I was talked to. For the amount of work I was doing, i actually was doing them a favor. I counted all costs including staying at the house, food they would buy me ect. And I was still ultimately working for about 5 bucks an hour. So Chris said sorry. The manager already knew what I was doing and he said he was probably just mad that he had to work and I didn't.   
        The next day my buddies picked me up by the freeway. I headed north with them to Portland. They are all pro motocross racers and had a big annual race at Portland international raceway that we were heading to.
       We went to a BBQ at the race promoters house that evening when we got there. It was in a beautiful big house with a giants deck on a lakefront property. Dinner included salmon, BBQ chicken, pasta, salad, and a bunch of other sides. It was a real treat from the fast food and other random food I had been eating lately. 
         We stayed in a really nice hotel that night. The next day was the race. I had a blast there. I helped the guys with a bit of wrenching on their bikes. An Daniel Blair (who I've worked with before) tore it up. He got the hole shot award of 1000$ for starting first, and he ended up 4th over all. Not bad for coming off a broken femur and back just months ago. We had a good stay in Portland

         I decided to head back to California with them the next day. I wanted to see Ashley and some of my family and friends back home. And after all I didn't have a real purpose of going to Seattle. So after actually staying in south Washington at the hotel, the journey headed south back to California. 
         I got back to CA and ended up staying with Ashley for a weekend. We just relaxed and watched movies most of the time. It was nice to see her and visit. 


Anonymous said...

This whole thing was such a scam. You made people believe you would take the money they donated and use it to help Japan recover. You clearly stated you have no real purpose of going to Seattle. So what was the point of this trip?

You've done nothing but mooch off of people and be a lazy ass. The whole " I don't want to do that kind of work purely for money" is bullshit. Why don't you get a job and stop living off of other peoples hard earnings.

Anonymous said...

Hater alert. He's back.

Anonymous said...

Just because he didn't go to Seattle doesn't mean he doesn't want to help japan. There was no actual reason to be in Seattle, but the point of the journey still doesn't change. And if you read the stories he hasn't mooched or asked for anything. He's taking thrown out food from dumpsters and helps people where he can mostly for free. Why would you call this a scam? What is he getting out of this? And who's hard earned money is he taking. He isn't taking anything.... So go back to your job you hate and stop reading this. You are out of your element here. Your comments mean nothing and are purely annoying. Too many people know nick well enough to know he would never scam anyone, let alone be an unfair person in any way.

-Brian N